So tired of the 1 step forward, 2 steps back

Discussion in 'Failure to Thrive' started by Maisy, Mar 15, 2017.

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    i have not posted in awhile. Things with my son seemed to be getting a little more on track. He stuck with a stage management job, though it was not really his thing. He is still performing at Chinese Lion Dancing shows and he has a small part in an upcoming show. The stage manager job was the only thing that paid, though not much unfortunately. He is working on an independent film. We are in the process of moving out of our house and renting a small place and needed him to go through his stuff and help us move some things. Do you think he can be bothered to help? No. "I am depressed". "I don't feel well". He is a great one to help others but never us. Why? Is this normal? He is a bit of a pack rat so getting rid of stuff is a stressor for him. So he avoids. His modus operandi. Just needed to complain! Thanks for listening.
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    I hear ya Maisy! I located my son (who I recently kicked out) at the ER last week and called him in a panic. He was taking a friend. OMG, he would leave me bleeding in the street. No, it's not normal. Does your daughter help around the house? My daughter is 17, so there is still a lot of eye-roll involved, but she helps!
    We needed his help a few months ago moving a large piece of furniture and he took one look at it and said 'Too heavy.' and walked off. After that piece sitting in the garage a few weeks, he came over with a friend - they had some delusion of moving out together and he was begging for us to give him the furniture. I told him (in front of his friend) that it was too heavy for him. LOL!
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    Good for you. My daughter lives out of state, but yes, she has always been good about helping. My son says he was too depressed to come over. He gets in these funks plus it stresses him out to go through and get rid of his things. So I will get rid of them for him except for what I think should be kept. Sigh.........