So? Who's Getting Snow Today?

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I was just wondering who else is getting the smow from this storm riding in with the clipper from up North? We've got one heck of a snow storm predicted. I think they said Cinncy can expect 3-5, but we're north and east of them and usually get lots more than they do.

But the storm for us wasn't to start til around 4pm. It's been snowing pretty heavy for the past half hour, and it's only 1:30. I hope that just means it's moving thru quicker and not that we'll be getting more snow than predicted.

husband will have to drive in it tonite. But my classes are over for today, and our instructors for tomorrow already prepared us to miss school. So I don't have to worry.

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we have 2 inches already- and it is finally warming up some, - not factoring in windchill our temp was minus 5 when I was out a couple hours ago. All our kids have school again today (as they did yesterday when it was minus 18 not factoring in windchill)
I originally heard we could get up to 6 inches, but I think recently they changed it to less.
Many water pipes around the county are bursting and creating some serious problems all over, and they have had to dig up at least 3 roads that I know of to access them, thus having to close down those roads. a town to my east, much larger than my town did not have school yesterday cuz the bus drivers could not get their cars going to get to the busses, and then the busses were not starting so by last nite they did get all the busses started and they decided to leave all the busses running thru today. Seems to me thats a LOT of gas being used to keep all those busses running like that. I think my towns busses have rods that go into radiator to keep that warm and magnet thingies to stick onto oil pans to keep the oil warm...and they have one of those things you can jump batteries with?
I am not enjoying the new snow, there is so much old snow under it still.....and it is gonna be so cold to be trying to do something with it, and my RA flares bad in this weather.
I tried to go to laundrymat but the pipe burst and they had no water.....and I am tired of dragging the laundry in and out of the house-----the laundrymat closed Sun cuz of Superbowl, and I am just getting frustrated. :-(

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Geez Dreamer, I don't blame you for being so frustrated. They've had some water mains break here too. Thankfully not anywhere near us. It's a whopping 12 degrees out. It was 0 when I left for school this morning.

I just peeked out. We've already got an inch of new snow on top of the old.

N called. The baby has her check up today. First time I'm making her and b/f do the appointment on their own. I told them to be careful. They have to drive 30 miles there and back. But b/f is used to the drive. He makes it everyday.


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LOL our garbage man did not make it yesterday so we had today to get garbage out, LOL- THAT confused husband and kids. and today my mailman delivered mail buut----he did NOT take the bills I had there for him to take away.....I could not get them out yesterday cuz my car battery was now I am gonna hafta take them into town to the post office....Not sure why he did that. Maybe his fingers were too cold? I am happily surprised our morning newspaper has been here and on time, tho. It comes about 4 am.....and it has been here. I thought that might be late.
BUt the laundry is especially frustrating cuz of the carrying it back and forth and cuz with 5 of us it really piles up quick when it does not get done when it should.....and the kids are gonna be complaining about not having clothes.

The best news is home is still warm and dry and comfy.
I did thaw out my coffee cream that was frozen yesterday...but it is.....different.......LOL. The juice when thawed burst its container and made a mess, LOL.......and the milk still has ice crystals in it.


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I was REALLY hoping it would warm up before our next trip to eye doctor-univ hospital. BUT it looks like a 2nd bitter cold blast is coming and we will be running around the hospital-univ campus in the bitter cold. :-( I am hoping the car does not give us trouble on the trip. We have to stay in a hotel this time, tho, instead of the RMH. Last time we were there, they did not plow their parking lot. :-(
LOL I wonder if their pool area will be warm? LOL.


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I just came in from shoveling four inches!! It's done here in Southern Minnesota....and so am I!!! Time for HMJ and Ibuprofen!!!!

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Well, so much for weathermen.

It's still snowing hard here. We're up to 6 inches. Snowing about an inch an hour and no end in sight. They're saying it should stop in cincy about midnight. At the rate we're getting it....... It doesn't look good.

Roads are horrible. It looks like N may be stuck at b/f's house for the night. The snow plows are having trouble keeping up with just the main roads.
The bitter cold isn't helping matters either.

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We only got a little but with the cold the driving was especially slippery. The interstate by us was closed for 3 hours due to an accident and another main road through town was closed for two hours!


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I saw on tv the road by our eye doctor had a 30 car pile up and the one to husband VA --LOL-same road-just way north of eye doctor, had a 20 car pile up. Trips that should take 30 mins, TV says are taking 2.5 hours.
I took easy child to work and the roads are horrible, snow is still coming, we have way over 6 inches, too..and LOL- yeah- they had reduced the amount predicted.
More and more water pipes are bursting all over.

BUT the cold has come up to a tropical 0 finally!

I have a nice hot lasagna cooking, and PCs bfs fathers girlfriend sent jambalaya for lunch. (they found it to be too spicy- I had sent them homemade cookies)
Thinking of making hot spiced cider for when easy child comes home from work.


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It started in Cincy at noon. I work about 25 miles north of the city, but live in the city limits. husband emailed me at 1 and said it was really coming down and sticking, so I left work at 1:30. What is usually a 30 minute trip on a good day took over an hour and a half, the interstate was totally a parking lot from the outer beltway in, so I took side roads.
NL's bus took double the time to get home. He goes to school on the east side of the city, we live on the west. He said his bus had a heck of a time getting up the hills (Cincinnati has LOTS of hills).

I let the dogs out about an hour ago (it's 7:45pm now) and it's still coming down. We've got around 4 1/2 inches.

NL just keeps saying "I don't want school tomorrow, I don't want school tomorrow". I keep saying "If it's bad, I'm working from home!"


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It started snowing here about 4 p.m. I am much further north in Ohio than you are. Gosh they weren't even predicting snow today. The kids are just going back to school tomorrow after two days off for the cold. Maybe they should have saved those days for real snow days.


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husband works north of cincy. He just left for work.... an hour and a half early. It's still snowing here. After seeing the backed up traffic on I 75 in cincy, and not being able to find out from the State Highway Patrol what the highway condiitons are between here and there, he figured the sooner he left the better.

easy child's husband thought he'd make a quick trip to Ky to pick up something. Took him an hour to get there, and 3 to get home and that was before it started to get really bad.

Our college actually closed for tomorrow. Says how bad it is out there to drive. :smile:

dreamer I'd just have to hibernate if I were you. You guys just can't catch a break can you?

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The snow came & left this morning. I'm not sure how much we received - couldn't face the weather tonight. * :smile: *


We've gotten about 3 inches so far and it's still coming down. Daisy, you're to the south of me so you're getting more. I'm north of Columbus. They haven't even started plowing the side roads yet, so I'm not holding out much hope for school tomorrow. We'll see.


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well, it was supposed to be warmer today here, but it was still minus 5 before windchill when I was out at 10.
Now the news is saying the salt and whatever they put on our roads might be making things worse instead of better.....and there continue to be large car pileups......
I guess it must be warmer, cuz right now TV says the widchill is only minus 15. LOL I saw a teacher at the HS this morning walking outside in...SHORTS.

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:smile: SHORTS?? *

We had a total of 7 inches. But today our streets are clear. Unless they decided to close schools in the morning the ones in our area are open. I wonder how they plan to get the country kids into town?? Most of those roads are treacherous in snow, and I doubt they have them plowed out yet.

Well, I'm off to bed since I have school. dreamer I hope you get a real warming up soon.


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I just can't wrap my brain around this much snow - we've never seen more than an inch or two anywhere, even at the ski resorts we've visited (three times in my life). But I think I'm beginning to understand why my sister came home from three of the coldest winters Quebec had ever seen and said she never wanted to see snow, ever again.

I know we Aussies poke fun at tourists to Australia who find our place a culture shock, but I think if I travelled to your area right now, I'd be as much of an object of fun. That much snow and those low temperatures is just plain freaky! The coldest it gets in Australia (usually a place called Charlotte's Pass) is about -10 C, in the depth of the coldest winter. The last time we were at a ski resort we were wrapped up like mummies and caught in a blizzard. It was -1 C.



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yeah shorts on a teacher in this weather- and no, not a gym teacher. well our school never did close, but the drifiting snow across the fields has been a problem out here by me. We have plenty of plows and they get them out there cruising the streets before snow starts---and they spread salt from behind even if they do not have the plows down in frront. actually they use salt combined with something else. but in these extra low temps, the salt and whatever the other thing they use is- it melts the snow and ice some, but immediately refreezes......which can be worse becuz then the ice is smoother, has a smoother surface. SO they think thats what caused the big pile ups yesterday.
The snow from this colder weather is much fluffier, puffier, and it blows around easier. I think the weather man said our typical snow is 1 inch of water makes 10 inches of snow but this snow was one inch of water made 20-30 inches of snow becuz it is "fluffier" Today we are supposeed to rise above 0 degrees. for sure.
I think we are "over the :censored2:" for bursting water pipes now I think if pipes were going to burst, they already have. That makes such a mess, pics on TV showing streets where pipes burst, floooded places and then the flood water froze. there were parked cars sitting in solid ice up to halfway up the car doors.


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Here's some photos from the Buffalo metro area (south towns & southern tier). This isn't where I'm located, we didn't receive nearly as much snow:
We probably received between 12 to 16 inches over the course of five days, definitely something my area can handle. The funny thing is that there hasn't been snow since the weekend and the drifts are shrinking. Must be from evaporation because it's certainly not melting! *