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    difficult child had 4.5 hours of testing on Friday last week. When she was all done I asked if she needed to come back. He told me she took every test he thought she needed to take in order for him to come up with diagnosis.

    He told me his initial findings (not sure if it is better to find out this way or wait for the full report) said she had no issue with bipolar, showed positive for anxiety and depression. He had not yet scored the ADD/ADHD portion of the test but he did find a verbal language processing disability, with little to no verbal short term memory. Since it isn't a full report I am not sure what that means.

    I go back the end of March to find out the full report, he did mention her depression may be caused because of her learning disability. I have a feeling she is going to come back with ADD/ADHD as well.

    I am thinking it would have been better to not know anything because I can't research what I don't know for sure. Grr any one have any ideas what it could mean?

    I do know I am having a copy sent to her school, taking a copy to her psychiatrist (two days before her app so he can review the results) and a meeting with neuro doctor for a full result report.
    I know I will have questions once I understand the report. I will need to know if I should request either a 504 or an IEP from the school for next year.
    I sure do wish I had a crystal ball!
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    Actually, the neuropsychologist should be able to make recommendations for the school. It's just waiting for the report that's the PITA. I'm glad you got some answers - just sounds like you're playing the waiting game.

    Great you got in though - that's the hardest part.
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    I believe a verbal memory is remembering the spoken word. When he is given instructions or taught verbally, he would forget it right away.
    4.5 hours sounds really short for a neuropsychologist, but it should at least give you some direction. Glad the results are coming in!
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    Glad you got the testing done. Don't be at all surprised if the initial results and the final results are rather different. I know several people that this has happened to. Either way the neuropsychologist should be able to help with school.

    You may want to think about not having a copy sent to school until you actually see the final report. Sometimes the schools can use it against you (and your difficult child) to deny services or to push you in a direction you think is wrong if you disagree with the neuropsychologist. in my opinion it would be better to send a letter directing the neuropsychologist to give you and the doctors involved copies of the reports and NOT to send a copy to the school. You can then read the report and give school the parts they need to see and keeping any private info away from school. Be aware that even with the confidentiality laws and professional ethics teachers talk about these things and are overheard by other teachers and even parents or students.

    Just something to think about. You should be able to contact the neuropsychologist and withdraw the permission to send a copy to the school. Telling the neuropsychologist in person or by phone is fine, but send a letter about it also.

    I really hope that he is able to put together some great ways for school to support your difficult child.

    Also, you should probably go ahead and send a letter telling the school you want difficult child evaluated fully for an IEP. If you go to the Special Education section of the board you will find people who can help you with that. It is good to ask for an IEP - after evaluation they may give you a 504 instead, but asking for the most protection possible (IEP) is best.
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    I agree not to have any copies sent directly to anyone. Review the report and then make copies and hand deliver after making sure it's accurate and you agree with it.
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    I guess I should clarify, what he told me is the school report would be done only after I approve the contents. That way if there is anything in my background I don't want in the report he will take it out. In the school report he will make recommendations. I will make sure I get a copy of everything before it is sent. I will also make sure I approve before hand.

    I was also surprised that she was done so fast. The entire time was testing they didn't stop at all.
    difficult child was wiped when it was done, Neurodoc said she flew through some things and struggled with others. I also think because of her age some of the testing wasn't needed at least that was the impression I was given.

    The school knows she was having the testing done, I want to wait until I get the results and talk to her psychiatrist first. I want his impression first, at this point there isn't time left to get anything in place for this year. If nothing else I will get something in place for next school year. That is assuming it isn't a matter of medication helping the problem, which is why I want to talk to psychiatrist first.
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    Sounds like you are well on top of things. Kudos to you.

    Treat yourself to something fun or relaxing. You have EARNED it.
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    Robin, boy do I know what you mean! I hop onto the Internet for every little thing and drive myself crazy.
    Glad you're doing the testing.
    It will all work out. It's so hard to be patient while they type up everything and organize it. been there done that.