Something Funny :O)


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HA! I love the huskey (could be a massage?) and the kid who fell out of bed.
And the dogs that pulled the covers off.
LOL at the last one with-the guy all twisted in the sheets!


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Love the Shepherd as someone who spent most of her life being awakened by one of the big-eared monsters.

Gryphon used to wake me up by sticking his cold nose in my nearest ear and YAPPING at the top of his lungs.

Did I ever mention that like a lot of folks with Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), I have an exaggerated startle reflex?

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I liked the one with the bald, sumo wrestler type being licked awake by the chihuahua. Ha! The expression on his face!!!


The Facebook video (the one I tried to post originally) shows the very handsome man whose dog is licking away at his face waking up finally. And he is like, ARGGGGHHHH!

Dog spit.