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"When I realize how unlikely it is that anything at all should live on this world spun together from dust and hot gasses, that creatures of an almost infinite variety should at night look up at the stars, I know that it's all more fragile than it appears, and I think maybe the only thing that keeps the Earth alive and turning is our love for it."

Dean Koontz
The City

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Careful Cedar - you'll be packing a backpack soon and going off to join my son and his hippy 'brothers' and living in a tree and saying "cool man" at the end of every sentence and saving the world by rejecting all need for personal hygiene. ;)

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You will not believe this Lucy, but difficult child daughter wants me to hike a very long trail with she and her fifteen year old daughter. The daughter is having a difficult time with everything she has been through with difficult child, and difficult child feels this will save her.

She could be right. This granddaughter is very much more independent than difficult child was herself at fifteen.

This will be a three month, summer expedition. While there is no way I would consider three months, I am seriously considering joining them for the last three weeks. But I have never slept outside, ever. Not even in a tent. I have never done any of the other things you need to do outside if you are somewhere in the wilderness for three weeks, either.

difficult child daughter says that is the purpose.

So, I watched the author of Wild on Oprah Super Soul and am going to read the book.

This is a book, written by a young woman, about recovering ourselves through the challenges of hiking long trails.


But wasn't that Dean Koontz line about the variety of animals looking at the stars something incredible to think about?


Hopefully, I will not be out there in the forest somewhere, looking up at the stars and smelling very much like an animal myself as summer draws to its close this year....



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You're a braver woman than me if you do this hike! The last time I slept in a tent was in 1979. These days I need an en-suite bathroom, a comfy bed and a kettle whenever I'm away from home.

I can believe that a long hike with your daughter and granddaughter could be a soul-enriching bonding experience though, and you would certainly have a powerful sense of achievement if you joined them for 3 weeks.

My son goes on about the world and the power and wonder of nature and how beautiful it is living in mud with no proper toilet. I'm not convinced though. :)