Something was *easy*!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Apr 11, 2013.

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    Just had to share this because I think it's just so rare when something happens that makes your life easier, and I think us warrior moms have a better appreciation for it when it does happen ... I'm still just sitting here going "wowwwww."

    Our van got hit by a meteorite in 2003 (yes, I'm serious (we don't live in the town it's named for) - I have the rock sitting in tupperware on my desk, LOL). Wrecked the windshield, so had to get it replaced. About 3 months after we got it replaced, it started cracking. Just a little crack and not worth the hassle of getting it fixed. I assumed it had something to do with it not being installed right.

    So I've watched the crack over the years. It's grown, but not at an alarming rate until this winter. I told husband last week that we needed to get it replaced... might as well have been talking to a wall. So this morning I notice I've got about 1/2" before it completes it's journey from top right-hand side to bottom of middle of windshield. If I wait for husband, I'm gonna be picking bugs outta my teeth.

    So I call around and find a guy nearby. Now location is important. The van is the only way to transport Boo, and Boo cannot be left alone. So whenever the van has to be worked on, one of us drives the van there and then walks home. The other stays with- Boo.

    So, guy checks inventory - he's got the windshield in stock, when I do want to bring it in? I asked if we could do it a week from tomorrow, since husband has every other Friday off. He laughs and says he can't even think about what's going on a week from tomorrow, where do I live. I tell him, and he asks if it's okay if he comes on over to get the van, fixes it, and then brings it back. :faint: I actually said to him: "Do people really do that anymore?!?!"

    So this absolute angel of a man came to my house this morning, got the van, promised to have it back by 1:00 so I could pick the kids up, actually brought it back at 12:30, and on top of making my year just by making this such an easy process, he knocked $60 off the price of the windshield!!!! I didn't even realize it until he'd left and I read the invoice.

    It's just so rare that anything is ever simple these days. And it seems small and not a big deal, but this guy just brought me to tears. He cannot possibly appreciate what an amazing gift he was for me today. And yes, he's getting a huge plate of snickerdoodles this weekend.

    Good things really do happen every once in a while. :yess:

    Then the shop called with the estimate on thank you's car.... nevermind, LOL. I think the fates didn't want me to get too happy. :rofl:
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    Now THAT was Customer Service. I expect he'll make up that discount by the extra word of mouth sales you pass along. Heck, I need a new windshield - not worth the drive, though. :)
  3. InsaneCdn

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    Pay him back... yack about it.
    Good service deserves free advertising!

    Because it's "Boo's van"... you could even tell the media and get him some REAL coverage. People helping handicapped kids tends to be smile-maker news.
  4. DaisyFace

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    Something was easy? Oh that can't be right!


    Glad something GOOD happened for you and your family! (and I agree - definitely talk about it!)
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    What a nice story! Glad you got it fixed!
  6. Dixies_fire

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    Amazing. Glad you had one of those golden lining moments.
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    People helping people....who'd a thunk it??

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    Love these kind of stories....
  9. Hound dog

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    Sad that people used to take such service for granted..............or that people used to perform such services without even thinking about it, it was just "part of the job" and being a good person. Now that it is such a rare event? It definitely helps keep my faith in mankind, because lately that faith has been faltering somewhat I'll admit. It's nice to know there are good and caring/decent people still in the world. :)

    I'd be giving everyone I know this guys name, just to help with his business. Oh, and that huge plate of snickerdoodles. lol