Sometimes I have trouble seeing my silver lining


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Last time I wrote I spoke about us deciding to let my difficult child move to his dads and how I'm dealing with that. He left 3 weeks ago now, I miss him terribly. He goes there for the summer, so the longest I've been away from him is 9 weeks total. I talk to him almost every night.

But he is doing well, with expeption of the first day there, it's been smooth. He's already seen a psychiatrist and therapist, his dad is spending alot of quality time with him, talking, and re-enforcing their relationship. School is doing good too I think. he's made some friends and says he likes it.

His new psychiatrist, stopped his Risperdal due to urinated the bed and he told us that it does the basic same stuff as the zoloft, he agreed with- the hospital that he doens't has the adhd thing, but more anxiety and bipolar. I am hoping maybe to take him off the zoloft as well and doing more a mood disorder thing, not sure what, but the risperdal was not doing anything positive for him and it was causing more side effects. So this is hard. I think that taking him off the medications and maybe starting fresh is a good idea.

Then last week my husband and I decided to seperate for now. Our relationship if falling apart We have the same arguement and complaints but each feel it's the other one doing it. So the stress is just horrible. I've began having panic attacks again, really bad. But he's moved out and it's a little easier. We are talking on the phone and I have seen him one time, which was pleasant.

I am on here to just ask for prayers that we make the right decisions for all the kids and ourselves! You guys are all so supportive and I read the posts here daily just for the simple fact some people are going through the same things.

I also wanted to add my husband was ordered by a court (I filed for a custody order) to do a alcohol evaluation. which he did, I'm so happy he did, even though it was forced and he is doing outpatient rehab 2 times a week and therapy 1 on 1 one time a week. And I made an appointment. with- a counseler just for myself every 2 weeks. That can't hurt.


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It sounds like you are taking some wonderful steps. It sounds very positive. I hope your son will get the correct treatment for his bipolar and continue to do well.

All the counseling sounds wonderful as well. You sound like a very strong person.

I hope that you can reunite with your son this summer.

Sending prayers...


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Oh my gosh, what a great note! Things are looking up. Sometimes the hardest decisions are the best.
Keep in mind that you will have setbacks... I'm telling you this as much to remind myself, because I get so upset when things go wrong, and I have to remember to look at the big picture.
You're doing great! Thank you for the update. I was wondering.


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Way to go! Start paving the way for an easier, healthier life. Be proud - you are doing tough things - but good ones!

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If you don't care for yourself you're totally useless to the rest of your family. I'm glad you've started recognizing your need!

I'm glad to hear that difficult child is being seen & hopefully the medication tweaks will help.


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Wow, alot has happened. But it seems like they're positive ones. I pray that it continues that way for you. It must be very hard. Stay strong, and support is here.. :flower:


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I know exactly what you mean by the title of the thread. It hard to see the forest through the trees.

I can see a silver lining in your situ. It appears that you are getting YOUR life back and that you are beginning to get control of your life. I think you are making some good moves for yourself, at this time. I hope you and husband get counseling and work things out. I always hate to see a marriage fall apart. Good Luck!


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Just wanted to add my support for your marriage... it sounds like the fact you're not together 24/7 is a stress reducer. And of course, having a difficult child is a huge stress.
Best of luck.

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You have gone through some very hard times. You are making good choices to help your situation. Hang in there. You have alot to be proud of, I will pray that your husband responds to the help that is offered and you guys get your marriage back on track. Don't forget to take care of yourself.