Sometimes you just wonder about the news coverage

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Oct 7, 2008.

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    There was a home invasion in a neighborhood in Minneapolis. The guy was found sitting on a chair next to the mom's bed. When she called out to her son, the man left.

    Then, a few doors down a few days later, a man entered a home and took an 8 yr old girl out of her bed and headed out the front door. I think her mom heard her cry out and ran to help. The girl is safe.

    The news report ended with, "Authorities do not know if the same person was involved with these two invasions. It appears that nothing was taken from either home." Excuse me, but what do you call taking a child? A something very important was taken!

    I know what the news was trying to say but it hit me wrong this time. To fill in time or find an ending for the segment the news reporter will often state something obvious or of low priority (not what people are wanting to hear). Like "A semi truck hits a honda. Driver of Honda in critical condition. Driver of semi uninjured." Duh!
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    I hear you, Andy. This happened several years ago, but I think of it every time I see this woman anchoring the local news. Apparently she was at a loss for words, and when the camera panned to her, she looked up, smiled brightly, and announced, "There IS more news today!" And then we waited to hear it.

    That job must be so stressful, but sometimes I think they're just "talking through their hats..." as my Nana used to say.
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    Wow. More than just a bit spooky about that man/men coming into the homes thingy. I hope they find out who it is.

    That's why I stopped watching the news. I think I'm getting old, but all they do is irritate the devil out of me anymore.
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    Throw the tv outside and lock the doors. It keeps the crazies out, LOL!!

    I DO knowh ow frustrating the news people can be. Years and years ago there was a man in my town who killed his mom and stepdad. Everyone who worked with-him called him Crazy Bob or something like that. Always had called him that, from grade school. His mom did a really good job iwth the resources available (he was an adult when I was 14 or 15), but there just were no treatments available to handle his mental illness.

    anyway, the guy ended in a standoff in a field - up in a treehouse that had electricity. The news people were running PAST the line the cops set up, popping up between SWAT and the man, showing pictures on the news (after it was known he had a television INSIDE the treehouse) of where all the police were, and if an officer tried to sneak up on the treehouse the news SHOWED it, and the guy would shoot at the officer.

    It was a real disaster. Started getting some real penalties around here for the news people who ignored the police lines.

    And made many of us SURE that the news people were all just airheads.