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    working on helping us with difficult child 1's situation. We will have letters from a ton of folks at least four that I am aware of to take with us to court on Tuesday. Plus staff from the facility will be there.

    We also had the new IEP today to set up a plan etc for extending her past what would be her graduation. These school folks said they will get us the outline of the stuff emailed to us by tommorrow. We had the IEP this afternoon. These folks are doing their jobs and then some. I can't tell you how many times I have thanked them all for all they do. I had one say well you should be way burnt out about this and you still work so hard and you live with this situation we can at least work as hard as you do on this. I can't tell you the warm fuzzies that gave me.

    My one hope is that this is not all in vain. Over the next few days I am going to be hoping and praying for miracles.

    Monday we have our first staffing at difficult child 2's place and his IEP. Then on Tuesday we have difficult child 1's permanancy hearing. I hope we get some decent news coming our way. I certainly am not holding my breath.

    I just can't get over how much these folks are working on this. Yes it is there job to help but we have been let down in so many other situations that I sit here in awe of them. I tell you what I think I might send them all some nice daisies or something after this court hearing just for all their effort. Or I might just make them all a cheesecake. I know I don't have the IEP information in my hand but these folks were just on top of things. When it was spelled out what kinds of things they hoped would happen I said ok what kind of timeline are we looking at for this. And the guy running the IEP started giving me answers. REAL and accomplishable answers of how we can work to help difficult child 1. Not only that but when she was asked (and they and we asked her if this was the way she wanted to do things) she replied. I do believe she is a bit overwhelmed but she has a goal in mind of what she wants to do. Can she do it? Only time will tell. The school system is certainly willing to give her a leg up on this.

    Maybe I was wrong maybe Iowa isn't so bad in its care as long as you find the right place to go.

    One can only hope this is going to work. Is it wrong that I am hoping the judge we normally have is on vacation or ill? He will be our biggest block on this as he is normally a yes and man to whatever the caseworker says. The thing is with all of this behind us one can hope it will be enough. Again not holding my breath but I keep telling myself if I stay positive maybe, just maybe someone will get their head out of their behind.

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    Beth -

    YOU TOTALLY AMAZE ME. All the prior meetings you have had and you've been let down so many times, and you still get up and go, and do??? Incredible woman! Your difficult child's (both) are lucky to have you for their Mom. I'm glad to have you for a friend! What a lovely post to end the night with.

    It is such a rareity when one of us and our children are treated with dignity and respect that it does floor us. After all you've been through I can only say IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!!

    I think the cheesecake is a lovely idea. (want to swap recipies?) Mine weighs over 6 lbs when done! You can't eat but a sliver either. lol

    WELL WAY TO GO! For someone who has been so beaten down by the system and their children - I for one am ticked pink for you!

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    Just to update on this the Special Education director sent me an email with the outline for the new IEP for the game plan. I can't say how pleased I am about that. One less thing to sweat about. The school is on board, the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is on board, we are on board.....Now we wait to see if the caseworker and judge climb on.

    A school that followed through with their first committment. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

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    That all sounds like things are falling into place! Good Luck!!!
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    I agree with Star. You are amazing and inspirational. Bless your mommy heart. My prayers join yours in asking for miracles; at least for some of the good stuff :) ML
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    I love seeing the level of support you have behind difficult child 1 & the entire situation.

    It does the heart good to see the system work together as a team every now & again; how the system is supposed to work.

    I do know that when I had that level of support behind me for various situations I never got turned down for my request. Please know I never assumed. I walked into each one of these meetings with a combined air of knowledge of my children's needs/disabilities, humility & most likely a level of exhaustion that showed through, though I never wanted to appear weak or tired.

    Keeping every body part I can crossed that this all goes well. You have a good team behind you - a team that takes years to build & a high level of diplomacy to keep on track.

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    sounds like things are coming together. What a great post! Here's hoping the head comes out!

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    Know what Beth? It's about time you got a break!

    WOOHOO to the support that you are receiving!