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    As I am trying to enjoy our vacation (bad enough I have PMS the week we are there, right??) I get a text from difficult child on Tuesday telling me she thinks she has another staph infection (in her armpit this time) and that she needs to go to the hospital. I told her to go to the hospital she was last admitted as they have all of her information. She supposedly couldn't find a ride. I told her to use her two feet but that would never happen....ugh. I told her look, this lifestyle is going to kill you, enough is enough! She texted me on my way back on Friday that she was going to the hospital if she could find a ride. I told her that I will take her the very next morning if she didn't find a ride. She asked if she could spend the night and go to the doctor and then turn herself in!!!!!!!!!!! She can't spend the night here, though. Not happening. husband wouldn't allow it even if I gave it a moment's thought. So I told her again I would take her first thing in the morning.

    Well, the next morning I wanted to have all my ducks in a row before I went to get her, so I drive on down to our police station. I wanted to make sure there was a warrant out for difficult child and that they would take her to lock up until she saw a judge. When we got in front of the judge, we would plead for rehab. They were more than helpful and looked her up, showed me a picture of her and told me there is NOTHING on her. What???? Unfreakingbelievable! The kid is finally even thinking about turning herself in and there is nothing to turn herself in for??!!!!! I have not told her this, yet. I immediately put a call in to her PO to rip her a new one. The PO calls me every couple of weeks!!!! So obviously, difficult child is right. Probation IS a big joke and there are NO consequences for not complying with probation. I am the only one that is inconvenienced by her probation! husband and I are furious.

    And miss difficult child......I tried reaching her all morning on Saturday to take her to the hospital. Finally reached her early afternoon and she tells me that she saw a nurse the night before and was given a ton of Bactrim (antibiotics used for staph). I don't know who this nurse is, she won't give many details about anything. But she knew enough information about it to lead me to believe that she did see a nurse and has medications. Still, I want her in the hospital. But, now that her situation has changed, so has her mind. She is now staying somewhere in our county...but I don't know where.

    I am waiting for the PO to call me today. May as well tell difficult child that she just needs to call PO and start straightening it all out....I thought we were getting close to difficult child stepping onto the right path. Guess she only thinks about that when she is in dire circumstances and once her situation improves in the slightest, poof goes that idea. :(
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    Her PO just called me and seemed shocked there was no warrant showing up......said she is going to call and find out what is going on and call me back. Meanwhile, I told her if there wasn't one, I would tell difficult child that she just needs to call in and start straightening things out....
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    Unfortunately probation IS just a huge joke. Sadder still, most true blue difficult children know this is so and won't take it seriously, which only gets them into more trouble.

    My nephews have violated their probation so many times without consequences it's truly not funny.

    If there is somewhere that probation is taken seriously I've yet to see it. *sigh*

    I hope the bactrum works. Staph is nothing to mess with.

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    Well, PO called back and apprently she had to fax the warrant to our police department. She said a warrant is issued from the sheriff's department and is not entered into the computer system unless they are on runaway status because it costs money to do that?? How odd and what a waste of time. Anyway she said they have it in there now and she let them know that she is in our county so to keep their eyes peeled. She said it is good that she is at least thinking about it and making noise. I agree, but I would feel sooo much better if she was in the dang hospital!!!!!!!
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    Police just showed up asking to see a recent picture of her. They are keeping their eyes peeled for her, but they said they would have to end up releasing her anyway due to the staph infection. She needs to have that treated first and then they can take her in. Now I am desperately trying to reach her to get her to go to the hospital!!!!!
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    Oh yeah, I know that story only too well. It just boggles the mind, doesn't it?

    Saying a prayer that you get ahold of her and she goes to the hospital. Staph is nothing to mess with, it could be a resistant strain (that is, MRSA) which antibiotics won't stop. Good that the warrant was reinstated, even if they can't hold her - at least they might pin her down long enough for you to get her to the ER.
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    I'm sorry to hear about the staph and support your efforts 100%. Have to add, however, that it will really shock me if she turns herself in. Guess I'm jaded after all these years but I think there's a good chance that she was scared because of the infection and thought you would provide wheels if she offered to step up to the plate. Hope I'm wrong. I understand how desperately you want her to turn her life around. Fingers crossed she really wants that too. Hugs. DDD
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    Well, hopefully she'll still turn herself in. AFTER she goes to the ER for medications for that infection.

    Fingers crossed here too.

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    My thoughts? With M.R.S.A. Running rampant in the country now? I wouldn't just dismiss this as a staph infection. This could be a very serious life threatening situation for your daughter and she COULD end up being very serioulsy ill. Dude, DF, and even the man that taught my CDL class (he nearly lost his leg and life) had MRSA and it was BAD and they were all hospitalized.

    I'm not trying to run Henny Penny or freak you out, however - it IS contageous it IS something that needs to be tested, and it CAN make her very ill progressively. Bactrim will help - but if she is like most difficult child's she will take the medications until she feels a little better then stop. If that is the case? She'll get worse and build up a resistance and then need to be possibly hospitalized and put on an IV drip of Vancomyacin.

    Please urge her to go to the doctor and be tested for this. In the mean time? Don't let her touch open sores and touch anything of yours, and if she does? Keep disenfectant wipes and sanitizer close and protect yourself and anything she touches. The women that came to our home to take care of DF round the clock for three months ALL wore hazmat suits and threw away stethescopes and things like that daily. I'm guessing things have settled down since then. Dude got golfball sized pustules on his eyes, underarms and arms. The pictures were very gross, and he was in for three days.

    Again - tell her she needs to be tested to be sure this is not what she has. They can't tell by looking. She needs a special blood test.

    Maybe this will scare her enough to go back to you and get this done.
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    Star, she doesn't live with us. Hasn't for a long time. I see her only on occasion once in a while. I have been begging and pleading with her to go to the hospital. She was hospitalized for it before so she is prone to continually get them. She is allergic to Vanco. She knows exactly how dangerous this is - she was in the hospital for nine days last summer for it. I am trying everything I can to get through to this kid!! It's like banging my head against the brick wall. :( This is why I am PRAYING for the police to find her and take her in - then hopefully they can force her to get medical treatment. I just don't know what else to do.