Sounds like a difficult child to me!


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difficult child story

This sounds like something that would have happened to us, if we would have tried to fly when Missy was three. I can't blame the airline, like the parents are doing. They had to do what was necessary. Rules are rules. They are in place for everyone's safety.


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I just finished reading this before checking in to read the board! I can see where the airline had to do what they did, despite the parents anger. I don't think that most passengers know the cost of delayed flights, they lose money literally each extra minute they sit on the ground. I do however feel for the family, they must have been quite disappointed to have to take a different flight, the hassle and on top of it we all know the embarressment when our kids flip out in public. I do think the airline more than amply compensated the family, really they didn't even need to do what they did in terms of compensation. But on the flip side, if I was thrown off a plane because of a child throwing a tantrum, I'd probably be pretty furious too until I calmed down and thought about the issues for the airline.

difficult child in the making or delayed terrible 2's??? :wink:


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I think the airline was more than fair. Now why didnt the parents watch the episode of SuperNanny before taking this trip so this wouldnt have happened! LMAO.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
That almost happened to us once flying on a tiny plane from St. Paul to So. Bend. difficult child was just begining to really show "signs" and started having an anxiety attack before take off, she was screaming,hitting,bitting... we were so scared... I was with easy child and husband was with difficult child one row ahead. We were in the front of course and the plane was already on hold so we were not holding it up, but we couldn't get her seat belt on. So the flight attendant starts yelling at us that the plane will not take off until she is in her seat with seat belt fastened, husband kept saying if you would just back off for a second I can calm her down and get it on. So the flight attendant starts yelling at us so everyone can hear, you need to have her seat belt on or we can't take off!!!

The lame thing was, is that we could hear him talking to the captain and we were on standby for another 15 minutes!!! We think he was trying to make it look like it was our fault... I stood up and apologized to everyone, we had already been delayed for almost an hour... my husband started crying because he had to hold difficult child's arms at her side and force her into her belt, and hold her down while the plane took off. He had bite marks all over his arms. It was horrible, but we had no clue what we were dealing with at the time, it was actually very scary. The lame attendant later came over and apologized because I think he could see how upset we were and she was.

I always suffer anxiety now when I have to fly...


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I had started this thread, too, Loth. I deleted it, didn't see yours.

You know what this makes me think of? How sympathetic we are to our kids anymore. I mean, this woman really thought the airline should set aside time for her to calm her daughter down. Are you kidding me?

Kids are not taught consequences anymore. I was just thinking about Alan's post in General (not to slam your post, Alan, or even say anything bad about it, just referencing it). We're more worried about how our child's anxiety is going to upset him/her. We're more worried about hurting feelings, being buddies, not hurting self esteem.

Funny, I don't remember ever reading about anything like this when I was a kid. Know why? Because if I would have embarassed either of my parents like that, my mother would have whacked me with a wooden spoon or my dad with a switch.

And I never, ever woulda thought about doing it again.

If that was me and Dylan and they asked me off that plane, I woulda taken him off the plane instantly. And know what? He woulda come home with no privelages for a very long time, written apology notes and everything else.

And the dad says he'll never travel that airline again LOL! Good, I'll make sure that's the one I get on. Geez - like he has the right to be angry? The kid was UNDER THE SEATS, SMACKING THE MOM?????????? WHOA! Hello, this is not okay, difficult child or not. So someone tell me what consequence this kid suffered for doing what she did? Wanna know? I'm a psychic. NONE. Parents probably "poor baby"'ed her to death - how dare the airline - she has anxiety, blah blah blah, and that is how this kid is gonna grow up. Terrible. Pathetic. Just awful.

In all honesty, (as SO is behind me telling me he'd have spanked her and spanked her LOL), if this was 1971, I woulda spanked the life out of the boy. But nope, can't do that nowadays.

Not everyone is going to tolerate the feelings of the child. And obviously, nobody on the plane thought they should have to. And good for them.

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The parents were being ridiculous about the whole thing. They can't expect every other passenger on the plane to wait even longer for their sweet little darling to stop having a tantrum.

It wasn't everyone else's problem.I think the airline was more than fair. They didn't have to give them a refund and free tickets.

The parents need to take responsibility for their child. They should have settled the child in time for the plane to take off. They should be apologizing, rather than threatening a lawsuit in my humble opinion. If their child's behavior difficulties make it too hard to fly, they need to use another mode of transportation.


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I just wonder if the kid screams and kicks and carries on when it's time to get in their car to go somewhere, do they just give up and let her sit in the car without being in her car seat?


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A couple of years ago, my mom, aunt, and I were coming home from the Philippines. While we were going through airport security, my mom told me to take off my Walkman as all electronics had to go through an X-ray machine. I was relunctant with my mom about it. My mom reminded me that I have to comply with airport security or I would be left behind. She also told me not to throw tantrums.