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    On Friday Difficult Child had senior photos taken. The photographer took some amazing shots, she put a couple on her FB page so we have seen three pictures. One is esoecially beautiful. By looking at the photo, I can see and feel more compassion than just seeing Difficult Child face to face.

    I guess we have so many past issues, that it is hard to get past them. But seeing her in a photo, I can see possibilities that I overlook on a day to day basis. Life is still difficult at times, she did sign up for the next trimester at high school, she was going to stop school and do a GED plus program, which would give her a diploma not a GED. She managed to pass her required government class by 1/2 of 1%. 65% instead of a failing 64.5%. She still needs to find a part time job. This summer she bought a husky puppy for $200 and then hid and kept it with friends. The puppy was just being fed table scraps and got sick. My stepdaughter stepped in and took the dog, now 5 months old, to the vet and is getting proper care. Stepdtr thought Difficult Child still had a job and would be pitching in for the cost of care. Now, the dog will soon need to be spayed, so more expenses. Stepdtr and her husband are getting attached to the dog, and it don't think will want to give it back, especially if they are not reimbursed. Difficult Child lost her job for not showing up during the week of the State Fair. She told me they were training a new employee, and they had enough coverage as the trainer was working. Later I found out she called in sick and then went to the fair.

    I am trying not to get involved as they made all the arrangements and we were not told until a week later. I didn't even know she had a puppy! This is the second time she has spent good money for a dog, the first one was a pit bull puppy that we rehomed. It is not that we don't like dogs, but we have two older cats, and our two adopted grandchildren will soon be moving out on their own. husband and I would like to be able to travel in a couple years. I know Difficult Child will have a hard time being on her own, finding an apartment that will let her have a dog, and being able to afford all the expenses of a pet.

    Ok, deep breath, look at that peaceful photo, and try not to let the current issues and problems over take my serenity... Or my attempt at it!! KSM
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    Ksm-It's a start! Sending warm hugs your way.
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    Sometimes we become so focused on what we do NOT want them to be, that we forget to nurture the "what could be" side. Glad you and she had a chance to see that "what could be" side of her.
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    What is a state fair?
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    In the US each state has a state fair once a year. Our state has lots of agriculture, so people enter their pigs, cows, chickens, llamas, rabbits, etc to be judged and win a ribbon. There are also lots of vendors trying to sell things, lots of food for sale, a large carnival with rides, and a concert each night by fairly well known bands. Ours is a 10 day event, and we are located a 10 minute walk from our house.

    Many teens spend hours hanging out there. Hope that helps! KSM