Speaking of difficult child conversations....

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    OMG....I'm just rolling!

    husband's father lives in Texas and has been in town since last Wednesday. He is remarried (for at least a year or so) and his wife is from China. She's only been in the country for a few months and is still working on her English. Seems to be very nice but it will be better once we can communicate more. (And she's about my age so we seem to get along good.....but that's a whole other story)

    Aaaanywhoo.....yesterday evening, husband and difficult child went up to father in law's hotel to visit some. father in law is a tall man and is a, um, bit overweight and wears his pants pulled waaay up high. husband just informed me that difficult child flat out asked him why he does that last night. *snort* husband, frantically trying to cover, told him that "normal" people wear them at their actual waists instead of hanging of their bony backsides like difficult child does. THEN, difficult child said, "But Dad, you pull your pants up all the time like that and make fun of him" :embarrassed: (He does because he knows it grosses me out) OMG............I was laughing soooo hard.

    husband, who is still a bit behind me in the realization of difficult child's behaviors (even after all these years....cause ya know...if I tell him....that's different), was just mortified. THIS is why I don't take him places, he says. difficult child doesn't know how to have a regular conversation.


    Then I guess he sat there and rambled on and on to the new step-mother in law. Poor woman probably had no idea what he was going on and on about. Of course, even if your English is good, some of his stories make absolutely no sense.

    Gotta love those missing brain to mouth filters! :rofl:

    (I know....kind of mean to laugh because I would have been completely embarrassed had I been there but I couldn't help myself)
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    If that had been Miss KT...and it has been...I would have wanted to die. But, since it wasn't...I wish I could have heard him! And they have NO shame!
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    Too funny!!
  4. Star*

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    I get the picture in my head of the Southern man in Oh Brother Where Art Thou? played by Art Carne - THOSE were some enormously high britches.

    ROFLMAO - yeah you gotta appreciate a comedic interjection from a difficult child.

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    Yer purty close there, Star. And it isn't so much the high pants that grosses me out. It's the *looking to see if my corner is empty* the male equivilent of the camel toes. *shudder* I just don't need that much info on my father in law.
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    Oh....gross! yep.....in the corner girl!