Special Education in NC?


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We are thinking of moving to NC. My 5th grader is dyslexic and has an IEP. Our SD has agreed to pay for private school for middle school if we stay (we are waitlisted) but financially it is tough here.

I see on the NC school websites that they have gifted programs at every school. My son is gifted but is not considered for those classes here because of his Learning Disability (LD). There is no gifted mandate in my state and my SD chooses to focus only on perfect children for those classes.

I have ruled out the Charlotte=Mecklenburg SD but we like that part of the state. Does anyone know anything about Iredell County, Union County or the surrounding areas?

Thanks so much.


Hi and wlecome,

Do NOT assume that bec. your current SD is willing to pay for an outplacement, your new one will even consider it. It is hard to justify outplacement for most Learning Disability (LD) kids unless they are concomitant for other disorders.This would be especially true of moving from one state to another. If there is a chance that your 5th grader will go down the tubes in public middle and high school, in my opinion you need to weigh the financial implications of staying where you are vs the cost of a private special education which often exceeds $40,000 per year for a day school. Also, how good is the private school your difficult child is on the waiting list for? Do you have other children and how good are the schools in general? Lots to think about.

PLEASE do not assume you will get what you have now if you move. The law does not work that way. My advice to all parents of children any gifted programs is DON'T MOVE because there is no mandated provisions so it is up to each state--or sometimes SD. Sometimes moving is necessary but the financial equation shifts if one has a child with potentially exorbitantly expensive needs. The younger the child--the more true this is. It's one thing to fund high school privately (been there done that) and it cost more than sending him to Harvard. However, if a child is young and has needs, it is beyond the resources of most families.



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NC does have the gifted but Learning Disability (LD) classes. My oldest was in them at one time.

I cant vouch for the counties you spoke about but I think they are the surrounding counties to Charlotte...right? I wasnt born here so my NC geography is a bit lacking...lol. Im also too tired to go look it up on a map. If so, that area is really building up and I would imagine the schools would be quite good because the urban sprawl would be reaching out there.

I havent heard of NC paying for a child to attend a private school. That doesnt mean it hasnt happened, but I havent heard of it. I think we do fairly well for things like learning disabilities but not as well as some states for the behavioral disorders. That may be getting better. It may also depend on where one lives in the state. I am very rural.