Speech patterns can distinguish a psychopath

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    Very interesting... I hope people don't start attempting to apply this to some of our kids, though. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids in particular.

    I also liked the picture from Silence of the Lambs... Going to have to watch that tonight if it's on Netflix.
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    that confirms it! Ronald Reagan was a psychopath! LOL WELL..........

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    Uh, so am, um, I, then, um, don't you, uh, think?
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    This is amazing!!!
    "the "uhs" and "ums" that interrupt speech — among psychopaths. Nearly universal in speech, dysfluencies indicate that the speaker needs some time to think about what they are saying.

    Read more: How To Spot A Psychopath: Look For Speech Patterns, Scientists Say | Fox News"

    Without getting into details or any political discussion...there was a candidate for a super important political office not all that long ago that use a LOT of uhs and ums and it really really bothered me. This person had/has a lot of experience in the private sector and in political life, so I didn't think he or she should not be well versed in public speaking (however, public speaking is not everyone's cup of tea). Anyway, it kind of bothered me and I hesitated to vote for the candidate partly because of this. It just didn't sit well with me.

    I thought the idea of talking in the past and explaining things based on primary needs (mentioned in the article) was all very interesting.

    Thank you.
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    Interesting - I know several people who meet the criteria! One in particular...scary because I always told H he was a psychopath.
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    Although I'd already caught on about this:

    I actually see this pattern as fairly important, probably more so than the breaking up of the speech pattern with ums and uhs ect, because that could be easily caused by other things such as lack of social skills, extreme shyness, social anxiety ect.

    I'd say if you see the two together, I'd be very worried. But the only talking about the basic necessities concerning their lives all the time would be a big tip off.

    But they should have also included than many psychopaths can do plenty of damage in society without every getting arrested for things like murder or other violent crimes. I believe these ones are more careful due to that heavy dose of self preservation. It's like a "I'll do this and this because it's less likely I'll ever get caught. But I can't do this or I get locked up which limits what I can do" sort of thing.

    I think we have a stereotypical thing going on where even the professionals tend to believe that all psychopaths kill, which of course is not true. While those that do kill are dangerous (obviously), those that are careful not to draw attention to themselves are far more dangerous, in my opinion.

    And if this sounds scatter brained, I'm just now working on my first cup of coffee. lol
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    Nomad, has Blogdonavich run for prez? :)
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    When I give speeches...I'm an "umer". I don't even realize that I'm doing as I transition from one topic to another. Fortunately the audiences have been familiar with me and haven't commented, lol. DDD
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    DDD, well, there ARE other telltale signs. The use of past tense to objectify and distance, and use of words like "because" as in cause-and-effect. Not to worry, either way. I'm sure you bear no resemblance to Anthony Hopkins. :)
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    I dont agree with this article at all because they are only looking at people in prison who they know have killed people. Hello! Of course you are going to get psychopaths. There are plenty of people in the general public who say uh and umm and because or whatever other words they said or talk in the past tense and are not psychopaths. Or maybe I am a psychopath and dont know it because I say uhhhh quite a bit when I cant think of a word and I am pretty sure I talk about things in the past tense when they happened in the past! Why on earth would you talk about them in the present tense?
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    When I first began practicing law, I went to a week long seminar on trial advocacy. They taped you and then you had your performance critiqued by an actor and then by a group of lawyers. One of the things that was most glaring about my performance was the number of ums and uhs I gave out. I have worked on it steadily and now I don't do it anymore when I think about it.

    I also must be a psychopath because (ha ha) I tell my kids "Because i said so!"
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    lol! Yes, I'm sure some psychopaths fly under the radar, assuming they've graduated from Toastmasters. :)