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    I started posting on StepTo2's "When I was in high school" thread but it's way off from our ghastly 70's gymsuits that I thought I'd start a new thread on the original topic just in case it may be news for parents.

    PBIS may have just made its way into your school system. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports and has become a mainstay of behavioral management in districts across the nation. It first appeared on the scene in our district when we had a pretty sudden shift in a number of the elementary schools in our district. Since then it's made it's way to the rest of the elementary schools, the middle schools and just this year I heard it's being implemented in the high schools. I heard that from a friend whose daughter is a valedictorian candidate who was suddenly handed coupons for free Subway sandwiches for making the honor roll.

    My daughter caught on to the real purpose behind PBIS when she was in second grade. She came home one day and said she rarely got any tokens but they were constantly being handed out to the problem student seated next to her. At the end of the week he'd have far more tokens in the drawing than she did just for being quiet for 60 seconds in a row. Five years later things still haven't changed--it's the end of the year and the problem kids are getting tons of tokens and she (an honor student and very well behaved) hasn't had one since January (and that was from a substitute). At the end of each week the problem students have tokens to buy popcorn at lunch and enter drawings. She has nothing. She's mature enough now to understand and brush it off, but it caused some tears back in the early years.


    Anyway, congrats to your daughter for making top grades!
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    Problem is, most of the schools are implementing it WRONG and the problem kids get left behind AGAIN. Or we turn good kids into problem kids. :hamwheelsmilf:

    Reminds me of the warped implementation of "conscious discipline" in that daycare MidWestMom works at.
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    I get so tired of quick fixes that are neither quick... nor inexpensive.
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    So, in other words, the bad kids get rewarded or bribed to sit still and behave. Oh, yeah. That teaches them soooooo much.

    Darrin just got straight A's on his midterm report. He gets to pick a place to eat. (personally I think that is a bit stupid for a midterm report but it's her kid) She told him if he gets straight A's on his report card he can pick chuck e cheese or kings island. Really?? I'm all for rewarding effort, and Darrin is an ace at spelling and math, but he's had to work on this other marks........but that in my opinion is over the top. My kids got a buck per A. Nothing for anything else. You had to get an A to get a buck. easy child earned all A's everytime. Travis and Nichole not so much. But the rule was the same for everyone.
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    A buck per A. And then what happens if you have one kid who does almost no effort to get straight A++s, and the other kid puts in huge effort to even pull a C?

    My parents used a +/- system. If you went up a level (D to C or B to A or whatever), you got a buck. If you stayed the same, you got nothing tangible. But if you went DOWN... you owned THEM a buck.