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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Well someone came over the help me apply for SSI today. We did the paper work in 4 hours. She said she has never had anyone do it that fast before. Yeah for record keeping. I was exhausted by the end of it.

    I had all the old doctors names, address, and phone numbers. I was not prepared for having to know the dates difficult child 1 started and stopped going to each one. I was frantically searching through old behavior books and flipping through therapist notes. Not all of the dates are exact. In fact a lot of them are guessed at. They should be within a few months of the correct date though. She said that was normal.

    We did all that work then got to the end of the form (on-line) where it said what we filled out wasn't the formal application. WHAT??? I need to call the SSA office and set up an appointment. When I do I'll ask them where is the formal application I'm supposed to fill out.
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    Wow. I don't know if I have everything from 10 years ago. I know we went to the same mental health center for several years. Do you think that is enough considering they went through child psychiatrists quite rapidly? If my understanding is correct, the "formal" application is done in their office but the stuff you entered already should be already on the forms. Told hold me to it but that was my understanding.

    Did it ask anything about medication start/stop dates? That is where I would REALLY have trouble.
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    difficult child 1 started seeing therapists when he was 4 and we went back that far.

    No they didn't ask about the medication history. They did ask if he was on medications now and if it was having any side effects.
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    make sure you make a copy of that form and anything else you ever fill out ffor them. I am willing to bet the farm you will have to fill out most forms at least twice if not three times.
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    UGHHH! Thanks Janet. I already submitted it. When I go for the appointment I'll try to get a copy of it. (Hopefully they'll have it.)
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    They didnt have a place to tell you to print it? ugh. Normally do if you are doing it online. In the future, you can just make copy pastes of each page if you dont have ink.
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    Good for you for having all that info. I know at some point we need to fill out that form, wishing I was better at record keeping as I read this.
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    She also said that for adults they have to have the names, addresses, dates, and phone numbers for all their work history too. We didn't hav to do that because difficult child 1 hasn't worked.