Stealing, wheat, and kicked outta camp...


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Hello, everyone!

Last time I wrote I was worried about my son going back to camp. Seems I had good reason...

This entire week has been full of issues.

I think Monday was the best day having only not listened to staff direction the entire day.

On Tuesday, along with not listening, he stole more candy from the staff. The bright side? He actually confessed.

Wednesday, he stole more candy. This time no confession... I was called by the camp staff to cheerfully advise me that my difficult child was banned from the field trip the next day and the entire day of camp as they can't handle him in public. His "dear ol' dad's" only advice was to demand a refund from the camp for the days they don't let him attend. *sigh*

Thursday he/we stayed home. Amazingly, he cleaned his room with only 10 or 11 reminders. That's great! Normally, it gets to the point of me having to sit with him naming each thing he has to pick up, one-by-one. There MIGHT be a connection with his behavior and wheat. He got more ancy and disruptive after snack (goldfish crackers) at his gma's house. I made sure he had no wheat and forgot (duh) to tell his gma not to give him any when I dropped him off for an hour. How drastic of a result am I looking for with one day of studies of the anti-wheat?

Today, I got a call from camp saying he had a good morning, but towards lunch, he got into a water fight with some of the boys. Not, too bad, but, unfortunately, I had to send him to bed early as he went a bit haywire when he got home, just having a lack to follow any little direction given. He cried a lot and grabbed me hard to where I had to tell him he was hurting me. He stopped! Yesssss! He cried for a while more, but I went into quite a deep conversation about accountablity and consequence. I cross my fingers some of it sunk in.

All I can say now is that he stayed in bed and soon fell asleep.

I'm a little less stressed now having applied for FMLA at my job, so I no longer have to worry about being fired for all the time I'll miss for my son's "issues" no matter what they are (leaving camp, psychiatrist appts, etc...). Unfortunately, all my vacation time has been used up (128 hours from April!!!).

But...who needs a vacation when you can freely strut to a therapist with no worry of termination from your job? Heh...

August 9th is the evaluation. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait.

Oh! And does anybody have comments or advice about the "stealing" (man, I hate that word)? This is a long time problem that has done nothing but get worse. It started at home, but has spread into school and camp. I'm just waiting for a "lift" at the grocery store. :crazy: What do I do?

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I have heard of certain foods causing issues with some kids. If you really think it is wheat, I say cut it out of his diet completely and see how it goes. Make sure you tell grandma about it though.

My difficult child has problems cleaning her room as well. She has gotten much better in the last couple of years but in the past she just seemed overwhelmed by the mess. She just didn't see an end to it. Sort of hard to explain. It helped to have bins for everything with a picture of what goes into it on the bin. Saved alot of grief for me. Also helped if I started her out.


Stella Johnson

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Oh I forgot about the stealing... My difficult child also had issues with this. She stole from stores mostly. She did understand that it was not hers and that she hadn't paid for it but if I refused to buy it, she would hide it and steal it.

I always made her take it back to whatever store and give it back and also apologize. We went over the consequences of stealing over and over again.

In the end, what stopped it was taking her to the police station. I made her tell them what she did and they showed her where people who steal go. At first the police thought I was being to harsh with her but they finally agreed to show her. She was crying and apologizing the whole way. Since then, has not stolen again.

This works with some kids, some it doesn't but it is worth a shot.