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    This was called "10 Reasons Why It's Time to Change Jobs"

    Sign No. 1: Your co-workers are annoying.

    Obnoxious people can invade your work life. Let's face it, not everyone gets along perfectly. But you need to have some sort of harmonious relationship with fellow employees to get the job done. How are you supposed to get any work done when these guys keep getting in the way? They are distracting and impede productivity. Most offices have a Gossip, that one person who has the "scoop" all the time and is not afraid to share it. Misery loves company, and finds it often in the Whiner, who isn't afraid to complain and bellyache. And everyone has the Neighbor whose noisy distractions include his cellular ringtone, speakerphone and radio.
    Sign No. 2: The environment is toxic.
    Everyone experiences job highs and lows, but discontent could also be a sign of a chronically depressing work environment or even a company in peril. A bad work environment is reflective of the culture of an entire business. Do you work in a less-than-nurturing atmosphere? Is morale constantly low? Have you been complaining for two solid years? It could be an organizational problem that applying feng shui to your cube just won't fix.
    Sign No. 3: You're mentally exhausted by the end of the day.
    Stress can cause low morale, decreased productivity and apathy towards work. Plus, it can spill into your personal life and even have a negative effect on your health. Today there are fewer people who are taking on more and more work. American workers experience burnout at an alarming rate. According to CareerBuilder, 68 percent of workers feel burnout at work, and 45 percent said their workloads are too heavy. Yes, we all have to pick up some slack and "take one for the team" from time to time. But if there's no end in sight, do yourself and your health a favor and dust off your résumé.
    Sign No. 4: Your boss is a nightmare.
    Even though this person is your boss, it doesn't give him license to do anything he wants. If you have a lousy boss, even the best job in the world can make life a living hell. Your relationship with your supervisor plays a big role in your overall professional happiness and success. Fighting to have your boss removed or waiting for your boss to change or get fired are rarely successful tactics. If you are working for someone who is always absent, unavailable, self-absorbed or untrustworthy, it's time to look for a better supervisor and a better opportunity.
    Sign No. 5: You're watching the clock... every 10 minutes.Though you might not like to work, it's even worse when you are bored while you're there. One can only watch so many videos on YouTube or bid on unneeded things on eBay. If you aren't feeling challenged, that's a sign that you need additional responsibilities or a change roles. And be warned, if you don't have any responsibility or find yourself with nothing to do, management might be trying to phase you out and you might be in danger of losing your job.
    Sign No. 6: You get no respect.
    Does any of this sound familiar? Your ideas aren't taken seriously; there are no opportunities for advancement; the boss ignores you; co-workers alienate you; you're discouraged from improving skills with a course or seminar; you're passed over for a promotion -- again; or you're excluded from key projects and strategizing sessions. So why are you still giving this organization your time, energy and great ideas?
    Sign No. 7: Your co-workers act like animals.
    They live for themselves and only themselves. They irritate you. They offend you. They have no manners or ethics. And you work with them all. There's the Office Thief who steals your ideas. The Shirker arrives late, leaves early and disappears whenever work is near. The Buck-passer unloads her work onto everyone else and blames others for her mistakes. The Procrastinator delays things until the last possible minute, slowing you down by not having the information you need to meet your deadlines. The Interrupter stops by your cubicle 10 times a day to chat about her latest boyfriend despite your ringing telephone and pressing deadlines. And don't forget the infamous Elevator Person who rides up only one floor instead of taking the stairs.
    Sign No. 8: Nobody communicates.
    Although we live in a world of e-mail, cell phones, instant messages, Blackberries, WiFi and, yes, even face-to-face conversation, there can still be a complete lack of communication. Whether it's a co-worker who's not returning your voice mail or the CEO not conveying a company's goals and accomplishments, the breakdown of communication can be frustrating and detrimental to your job. It can cost you an account, make you to miss a deadline, cause you to lose a client, and even get you fired.
    Sign No. 9: You're not valued.
    Forty-three percent of workers do not feel appreciated, and one-fourth of workers feel that they are just a "number" within their organization. You need to realize that you deserve credit for your successes. Recognition is important, and good companies implement programs to let employees know they are valued. Is your company doing anything to reward your efforts? Do you ever receive bonuses, perks or positive feedback? If your boss has never heard of positive reinforcement verbal or otherwise, find a company that will value your talents.
    Sign No. 10: You feel stifled.
    What kind of quality of life do you have? Is your 40-hour week turning into a 24/7 grind? While salary may seem like the end all and be all, your quality of life determines your overall happiness. How much time you spend on the job, working conditions, supervisors and subordinates can positively and negatively impact your job outlook. If you dread the time you spent at work, it should be a clear indicator that it's time to break free. A job shouldn't stifle you creatively, mentally or physically.
    Bottom line:
    Considering what you don't like about your current situation should give you insight into what you are seeking in future endeavors. If you know what your priorities and preferences are and actively seek them, work can be an enjoyable experience.

    If, however, you've answered yes to more than four of these signs, then you might want to get started on a new job search."

    Me again: I have to admit, I started laughing because I thought of you as soon as I saw this today! Answered "yes" to at least 4? Snicker, snort, ummm, ok!!?!!

    If you were looking for reasons, I think one or two of the above would buy into your rationale!!!!

    So you know, thinking of you!

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    That, Beth, is an EXCELLENT article. Steely...take note.

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    Beth..........thank you. I so needed that today.
    Another horrible day.........I am too tired to even be depressed. Since I answered yes to most of those, I guess AOL even thinks I need to move on. Sigh. Looking for a new job sounds like an undertaking of epic proportions, but I know I can do it. I think:sad-very:
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    Kiddo, this is where you need to "not let the turkeys get you down!".

    If it was a sh!tty day, blow it off and dream of the day that I become president (Murder Amnesty Day being my platform). Take that imaginary AK47 out of your purse, polish it up and tell "Witchy-poo" to "say hello to my little fren!!" (you have to say that like Pacino!).

    Listen. You're gifted, talented and God's Gift to any organization that has the sense to hire you. You're young, but experienced, time-sensitive, yet flexible and you are just the gal to get the job done!

    Send out resumes and be convinced that it's their loss if they don't contact you and BELIEVE it because all of us do believe it about you!

    Don't look at it as a pain, chaos or intimidating. It's life giving you the opportunity to let the rest of the world know that you're choosing to take control of the one GD thing in your life that you can.

    We love you my friend, and I wouldn't say all of that stuff if I didn't believe it!

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    Thanks Beth. You give me inspiration. Oddly enough. I was just doing the same self talk, you just spoke. Every thing in our life has a reason, we just have to find it, and not take each life event as a personal affront.
    Hugs to all of my board friends.
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    Hugs back, Steely.
    Cool article. Wish I'd read it yrs ago.
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    Sending hugs and awesome resume strength! There's a wonderful job out there just waiting for you.
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    Wow. Sounds like the talk I had with easy child over the job at the cincy hospital she was so mega stressed with. lol

    It might have paid extremely well and had great benefits.........But Steely, easy child is a new person since she resigned that job and went back full time to the hospital where her coworkers work as a team and think of each other as family.

    I know it's scarey to think of starting over. But you've got amazing skills another company/business would jump at. And then you can dream of walking into bosses office and saying ;

    "Take this job and shove it!" :D :D