still nothing from neuro but new pysch today


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husband took all 3 difficult children to new pyschiatrist today. I swear that these people are just low paid drug pushers. He prescribed chlonidine for each difficult child for sleep. Then he prescribed concerta for oldest difficult child, Foclin XR 20 mg AGAIN for middle difficult child and Vyvanse for youngest difficult child. We are filling them tonight and I'm starting here for research. Ya'll are always much faster in replies than I am at finding info online. Is chlonidine similar to seroquel? Is it an antipyschotic? I'm going to research it tonight and see what I find. If your difficult child is on any of these, can you let me know how its going, or if you've noticed any bad side affects?

I'm still waiting on a call from the neuropysch. It is almost 2 weeks now and he said it would take 1. I'm trying to be patient, but I really want answers before school starts. I need something to start with.

On a seperate note, biomom has had 2 seperate $250,000 surety bonds placed on her for arson case. It says bond held insufficient and this is why they placed the new amount on her. What does all this mean? Anyone familiar with these terms?

My chair at my computer desk has made my back go out again. Been out since Thursday night I believe, so I'm using DHs laptop. Went to the Dr. today, just walking in/out was bringing tears to my eyes. They gave me muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories and some pain medications. I'm not a medication person, but I can't walk, so I'm going to take them for now. Heres to hoping these start working and I can walk soon. For now I'll stay in bed when husband is home and on the couch when hes not. Thank God for the schedule the kids are on or I don't think I'd survive.


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You have so much going on. Wow. No wonder you're stressed out. I'm glad you got some relief from the psychiatrist. We had to wait almost 3 weeks to get our neuro results. Try to hang in there.

Clonodine is not like Seroquel. Seroquel is an atypical antipsychotic. Clonodine is an antihypertensive, given to people with high blood pressure. I just discussed this with a psychiatrist today, who said it has several UNLABLED USES as follows:

treatment for Tourettes
Aggressive behaviors in kids

We tried it for Dylan, and it didn't really calm him down like we were hoping. I hope you get better results.

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My difficult child has been on Clonidine for over a year. He takes it at night for sleep and it really has been great for him. He also takes 1/2 that amount in the morning and at noon to help with- ADHD symptoms-it helps some for that.

I hope you get some relief from your pain. Hugs.


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As Janna said, Clonidine is in a whole different league than Seroquel. It is not an anti-psychotic, but a high blood pressure medication, that has different uses outside of managing BiPolar (BP).

My son takes 0.25 right now and has done really well on it. Although it did not do as much for sleep for him (because it takes a tank to get him down), it has helped a lot with aggression, and slowing him down to think through possible consequences of his behaviors.

Good luck. Do you like your new psychiatrist? I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the neuropsychologist results come to you soon. Have you called them again? And I will also be keeping my fingers crossed that your back will heal quickly!!!! Take care, and rest easy!