Strange but nice turn of events in difficult child-bro's wedding...

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Just got off the phone with my future sister in law#4. The wedding is a week from this Saturday and she just found out that her good friend that she's known since highschool (20+ years), who was flying in from Japan to attend the wedding, is now not coming because of fears over the swine flu epidemic.

    And so now that she's short a bridesmaid, I've been asked to fill the empty spot, so to speak. There are only two bridesmaids and one matron of honor, so I guess she feels it would be better to fill the spot than just do without.

    I felt a little awkward being asked under the circumstances, but I told her I would be honored to do it and thanked her for thinking of me. I could tell she was relieved that I accepted. I wouldn't have to change the dress I've already bought (although I did play with her head a little at first and told her it was orange (the bridal party colors are in the purple family)). :tongue:

    Now I just have to figure out if I can manage going to her mom's house that morning to get ready with the rest of the girls and take a limo over to the ceremony site. husband and I will need to figure out the logistics... it will mean we have two cars to drive, although I'll leave one at her mom's house. Plus husband will have to get the sitter and find the ceremony site on his own. :anxious: Let's just say he's directionally challenged, even with a map!
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    That was very nice of you to step in. I have one of those directionally challenged husband's also. I think even with a gps mine would get lost. Sending positive thoughts that it will come together very nicely.

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    Star* call 911

    Always the bridesmaid........

    You rock!