strangest thing...get a FB IM today..."Hey Sis"

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    Now I dont have any sisters so this was quite a shock to say the least! I finally realized it was from my x-sister in law whom I havent seen since 1982!

    Billy has been in contact with some of that side of the family for several years now on FB. Im fine with it. His father is on his FB but rarely if ever talks to him. To of his aunts do and his grandfather will send a message once or twice a year...sometimes. Normally he remembers his birthday now because FB sends him a No card or present but he gets a FB wall message. How nice since they have the same damn name.

    However back to susan...we talked for about half an hour. surprised me alot. We laughed and shared some stories from when we were younger. She is so tckled to have found Billy. Not my fault he was kept from them. Blame her parents and her brother. She knows it. She wanted to know so much about our I finally told her I would send her my photobucket album and she could see a bunch of pics of the boys and my grands. She can see pics of Billy growing up and his brothers growing up then the grands coming along growing up. I think that is the best way to let someone who has missed out on so much see.

    just odd. Thought I was done with that side of the
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    I had no idea there was any contact with the family on Ex's side. Does Billy share that family in common with the his brothers and do they have contact too? Very interesting. I wonder how the others feel about Billy's interaction and the sharing of pictures etc. Your boys all seem to have such different personalities and I have always pictured Billy as being the "loner" personality. Glad you and Susan enjoyed your conversation. Must have been a bit of a shocker.
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    Sounds like a nice reconnect, Janet. Keep it 'lite and simple' is my thought. Glad you enjoyed catching up with her. Funny how time often erases all the BS, huh?
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    Well there hasnt been much connection for quite awhile. Since the internet came into being and he got a computer I think he began to attempt to find his other half. I dont blame him. For all he knew, we had been lying to him for years. I think in his heart he knew the truth but whatever. Especially since his father and grandparents had contacted him once when he was 8 years old, oops...twice. His father called at Xmas when he was 7 going on 8 and promised to send him a nice present for Xmas. Promised him the moon. Let him talk to all his brothers. (He has 4 from him from Bills second wife - 2 from the 3rd). Bill sent him a used radio. Billy still has it. Then a year later his grandparents called me and asked if Billy could go down to FL and spend a week so they could get to know them, see his aunts and visit with his father and his half brothers. I had to think long and hard about it believe you me. These are the people who tried to kidnap my son when he was 5 months old and I had not forgotten that at all.

    Well eventually I decided to give them a chance. I told them I would let him go as long as when I called he better be available for me to reach him. He also better call me every day. They flew him down for the week and all went well. He went back one more time when he was ten. Then no more contact at all. No phone calls, no birthday calls, no xmas cards, nothing....from anyone. I will never understand how everyone in that family could just act like he didnt exist. They all knew where he lived...they all knew what my mothers phone number never changed from the time he was two until she came here.

    Billy's father still doesnt contact him though he friended him on fb, gee how nice. Im betting it was his third wife who did that because she sometimes contacts Billy to tell him they are still around.

    Its a strange family. Billy doesnt have much of a connection with his brothers from that side. They are strangers. One lives in Charlotte and they have made no plans to meet. Billys brothers are here in my home. The others are his fathers kids.
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    It sounds like you had a nice chat with her. I bet she wondered how they could treat Billy that way too. MO Billy got lucky - not only did he get you, his dad and his brothers, he also missed out on all of the conflama that you know went on in that family.
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    Mansons family is strange -------Billys Dad is.......(still perusing the Websters) ------