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  1. Hound dog

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    It's awful around here. Our shelters and humane society are overflowing and refusing to take more animals, rescue groups are overwhelmed. And we're seeing more and more strays.

    We spotted our stray pup again. She's a pretty little girl, although nearly gaunt now and scared senseless. Poor thing. Young, maybe 5 or 6 mos old. Black and tan coon hound, looks like she's probaby mixed, but maybe not. She's so thin it's hard to be certain.

    Breaks my heart to see her. She won't come close, although she seems to want to desperately. You can see how torn with indecision she is in her eyes. Sad. She's wearing a collar that is now much too big for her. We can't get close enough to see if there is a tag. But have left food and water out.

    Nichole has checked the paper, the radio station, called the humane society, checked with the one is reporting a lost pup. She's combed the neighborhood hoping to spot her to see if she can get her to come to her. Nichole is amazing with animals, if anyone can gain her trust, she can.


    Nichole got the pup to come up to her. Sweet pup. Maybe rot mix instead of coon hound mix, my guess mixed with terrior. Obviously just weaned a litter. Fed her again. Brought her inside. Called the humane society again to see if anyone reported her missing. Nope. Called dog warden so if someone does report her they'll call us. (so will humane society) Turned out director of humane society almost ran over the dog yesterday.....and still did not pick her up because they're so full.:ashamed: She's glad someone is feeding her though.

    Heck, even called the vets in town.....hoping since she's recently had a litter maybe it would bring someone to mind for them. Nope. But they're also gonna call if they hear anything.

    Heck, she even likes cats. :faint: I really hope someone hasn't just turned this dog out.

    On top of this......I'm feeding several new stray cats along with Willie. easy child is aquiring a "pride" of her own. Each sweet, gentle, and hoping to butter her up enough to come inside.

    And there is nowhere for these animals to go.:(

    I'd keep her inside but I'm leery of her temperment. Too many bad experiences in that area. Although Molly and Betsy would probably welcome her. (I also don't want to put them thru fostering again)

    Rumor has it that we have bad weather on the way for the weekend. So, I may wind up putting her on a lead in the backyard......letting her use a spare doghouse so she at least has some shelter from the weather.

    Like I can afford to feed another dog. But geez, what'cha supposed to do? Watch them freeze and starve?

    Praying I get a call that someone is looking for this sweet girl.
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Ahhhhhhh Daisy -

    You made me tear up at work. I did say a little prayer for your gaunt pup when you wrote about her earlier. And for taking her into your home and feeding all the extra kittehs?

    YOU HAVE A HEART OF GOLD and are an Animal Angel!!!!!! :cool_dog::snowangel:
  3. janebrain

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    you and Star and Nichole are wonderful! It is very heartwarming to read your stories. I'm not even a dog person, I'm a cat person, but I feel so bad for these poor dogs--well, not anymore since they have you in their lives!
  4. Marcie Mac

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    Lisa - three of my four dogs are strays - we even have a stray parrot - we had numerous strays come and stay in my office till we had found homes for them - Now that I am at home and working, I can't do that anymore :(

    Our shelters are full up - people who have lost their homes just leave their pets behind - I just can't see how anyone could do that. Everytime I go to Petsmart, I make a donation, and am on the Humane Society's list and give them donations.

    It breaks my heart everytime I see a dog running alone on the street. If we see one in the neighborhood, we do put out food and water. I wish I did not have to make a rule of no more strays but knowing SO, he would be down at the pound bringing them home.

  5. SRL

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    I just read a story about cats being left outside of a shelter last week in in the middle of the night in sub-zero temps in nothing but a nylon mesh carrier. Who would be so cruel!?
  6. Hound dog

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    In a nylon mesh carrier??? Are they crazy??

    easy child and I both have shelters filled with straw for the outside stray cats. On those subzero nights......I swear we must have had 6 or more cats piled into them trying to keep each other warm.

    I dunno. I know times are hard. I can understand worrying about where you're next meal is coming from. I've so been there so many times in my life. But no way would I just turn my furbabies loose to fend for themselves. I'd go hungry first.

    I've never been able to understand how pets can one day be a family member and the next treated like so much trash to be tossed out. Makes me sick. And in the winter.......totally unforgivable.
  7. flutterbee

    flutterbee Guest

    I'm really glad she found you. And that Nichole found her.

  8. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    It makes me so angry. Pets are not disposable. How do people sleep at night knowing that something that depended on you for food and shelter has been left to fend for themselves. Ignorance, irresponsiblity and no sense of obligation to bringing that pet into their own.

    These aren't wild dogs/cats that lived their whole lives liiving on the land. Most of our dogs never learned that sort of survival from their moms.

    My two were at least given to a rescue organization so they were not left to find their own way. We had to sign a contract that if the pups didn't fit into our family that we would return them to rescue. How sad is it that they must make people sign contracts to act responsible.

    Maybe the appropriate consequence is to live in the same conditions their pet had to live in. A nylon tent in frigid weather sounds about right.

    Huge fines, community service and forbidden to own a pet again seems like a drop in the bucket but it's something. Jail is kinder than what abandoned pets live with everyday. It makes me sick.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Fran -

    I couldn't agree more. I think it SHOULD be a law that when you surrender a dog to the pound that if you are caught with another dog or cat for say 3 years - you have HUGE fines. AND if caught with an unneutered animal that had a litter of babies? YOU would have community service at a pound cleaning up after the animals that YOU allowed to come into the world through YOUR negligence.

    Daisy I understand what you are saying about your next meal and all - I really do. However; like you I would go without before they would. I promised to take care and provide for them.

    I guess people get tired of hearing me preach about spay and neuter. But I showed some "BREEDERS" shelter dogs that were GEORGEOUS -and cats that were STUNNING - and they couldn't understand WHY no one would want them - asked for the address - then I told them that they were all put to sleep at 1:00 PM. Then went off about how it sickens me that people get puppies and then say - OH we cant' spend time with it or our kids have allergies (this was their 2nd cat someone told them to get another one with different hair) ugh. Didn't they spend any time with the kitteh? I don't understand and for those out of work or jobs they do have my sympathy but to just cut them loose BECAUSE they think THAT is better than death at a shelter? OMG - I'm outraged....and now I'll shut up.
  10. SearchingForRainbows

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    I couldn't have said it any better than all of you already have - Pets deserve to be loved and cared for throughout their entire lives!!! It infuriates me too!!! I have no idea how people can be so cruel. It breaks my heart.

    All of the furry family members I've ever had, have come from shelters or have been neglected or abused. One of my favorite fur babies, a beautiful tiger cat, died eight years ago. He and his siblings were born in a dumpster. How can anyone be that cruel?

    Lisa, that poor dog is lucky to have you to feed him. It is so tragic. And, those poor cats. Without you, I'm sure they would have frozen to death already.

    I know this won't help much, but if you want coupons for dog and cat food, I would be happy to clip them and send them to you. WFEN
  11. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Star I am still mad at easy child over Buster, regardless that he now has a wonderful home with Heather.

    When she started in on the wanting a puppy......I knew it was because she really wanted a baby to care for, and I told her so. No reason to get a dog. Nope. They grow up and aren't pups anymore. So she goes to an excellent breeder, pays big bucks for Buster, Buster and Darrin hit it off at first sight and become "brothers", and easy child discovers she's pregnant and doesn't want Buster anymore. "he's too much, will be too much to handle with a new baby."

    Ugh! I really bawled her out over that one. I've never been so furious with her. I'd have taken him except we can't afford another dog, and two, Molly, Rowdy, and Betsy are all so big they terrified him. Well, not Molly, lol he loved her to death.

    So Darrin gets his heart shattered, Buster gets his heart shattered, and fortunately for the both of them Heather opened her home. And Buster is loved and spoiled and Darrin gets pics so he isn't so heart broken. Fortunately it turned out ok in the end.....but it so easily might not have. :(

    And them I reamed easy child again when she went right out and adopted a new kitten! grrrrr Why? Because her husband loves cats and is uncomfortable around dogs unless they belong to someone else. Lord. I told her it would be wise for her not to own another dog.

    I swear she was raised better than that. Any pet I've had to give up has always gone to a loving home. Always. Even if it took months to find it.
  12. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Other couponer here, willing to send some to those who are helping strays. Bless your hearts.
  13. flutterbee

    flutterbee Guest

    Speaking of Buster, he is spending the weekend with Nana who is spoiling him to death. :D He was not going to let her leave yesterday without him. It was too cute.
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Could use BENEFUL coupons for doctor.....

    We fed Nutro until they went to $50 for a 34lb bag - with 4 dogs it lasts about 12 days.......soooo um.....not now. :surprise: WHen Nutro goes back to $30 for 34lbs? Yes....

    Until then?
  15. flutterbee

    flutterbee Guest

    Lisa and Star -

    PM me your addresses and I'll see what I can come up with. I don't get the paper, so I don't get coupons. But, I'll have my mom save the dog food coupons from hers and send them on.