stressed beyond belief right now-UPDATE

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    they have also discovered he has depression and bi-polar so they started him on a new medication for his moods and all in hopes it will help stabalize him some he is now on seroquel at night not sure of dosage as of yet as they will do trial and error to see at what does things will get better for him

    im so stressed its unreal for teh first time in my life i had to put my ds ina residential facility and it wsa so hard for me to leave there and not cry cause he was crying when i left him he begged me to let him go home with me but at this point i dont see any choice with everything he has been doing.
    yesterday he cut himself again this time on his finger
    and had to get 3 stitches due to it and he did it when i took a
    shower and he comes in mom i accidently cut myself again which i
    knew wasnt true so he went to the doctors and then therapy today when we decided (me and his therapist and the crisis therapist) that he needs to be in there and get some help but god it wsa so hard for me and i am sitting here about crying cause i am jsut so lost without him here and its only been about 6 hours since i left him there i still have 2 with me here but i am at a loss not sure if he will be there a week or months and its just so frusterating for me as i have never done anything like this and im so scared as to if i made teh right choices or not about ready to take my medications and try to relax maybe a bath would take the edge off however im not sure i will get much sleep either way the next few nights
    well thanks for listening and letting me vent

    lisa- mother35 yr old, single - diabetic,depression, anxiety and possibly bi polar waiting on more testing for me to be done- effexor and ativan and diabetic medications for diabetic neuropathy

    darling son- 12 yrs old adhd no medications in summer

    darling son2- 9 yrs old adhd with odd and cd medications at this time adderall xr , tenex and clonidine inpatient residentail facility at tis time- more diagnosis is now also on top of rest is depression and bi-polar

    darling daughter- 7 yrs old adhd and liver disease no medications due to liver
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    Hi there. I know how hard it is to leave our kids someplace to get help for them. Its heart breaking.

    One thing I do want to tell you is that he will settle in pretty quick and start to actually like some of the stuff they do there. He may never admit it to you but he wont be crying all day everyday.

    Its probably going to be harder on you than it is on him. Take some time for you to recharge your batteries. Take bubble baths, read, take time with the other kids, just do something fun that makes you smile.

    I doubt your son will be there for a long time so enjoy the peace and quiet you can get now. Well as much peace as you can get with two other ADHD kids in the house!

    Hugs...hang in there.
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    Just sending sympathy and hugs. Don't beat yourself up for crying. I'd be a mess leaving difficult child 1 while he was crying.
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    Sending you some hugs tonight.
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    It shouldn't be so hard to parent our kids, but it is. Sending a big hug.
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    Big hugs coming your way!
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    I can only imagine how hard this is for you. Take care of yourself, Mom. I'm sure he will settle in and it will be the best thing for him. ((HUGS))
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    Big hugs and prayers headed your way.
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    Gentle hugs and prayers coming your way. :angel:
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    have new upadtes on son now diagnosis is adhd wtih cd and alos now depression and bi-polar
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    My prayers are with you. A week ago last sunday my son 9 years was put into a residential program and I cry myself to sleep every night . Just last night he asked my to call a lawyer to get him out. I was just informed today that they are going to holding him another 7 to 10 days so I know what your going through. , I miss him so much. Please take care of your self right now as others told me.
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    <<<HUGS>>> Mine is home now (he was in hospital last week) and trust me, I was told to take advantage of the peace and calm, and I am wishing I did, because now I am back in the land of insanity.

    But truthfully I know it's hard. I was crying every day. But take a deep breathe and know what you're doing is for difficult child and only a strong Mom can do this! :warrior:

  13. ghostmom1299

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    son is doing very well in tthe treatment facility and they are talking about next friday allowing him to come home seems like the medications are working well so far hope they continue to
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    Hoping for continued success with the medications......