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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Jen, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Jen

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    My easy child duaghter has me totally stressed, and so does my girlfriend. Need some comfort, and understanding and not finding it.
    My easy child daughter as you know with her family has had a falling out with her brother in law and his family. They made it impossible to live there, with-o killing one another. The landlord knows they want to move out in May. While brother in law on vacation she went back to house to live, and found all locks changed by brother in law, no keys given to landlors, who brother in law told that my easy child had moved out, and that brother in law was giving pcs husband, his brother a key to the place. He never did.

    My girlfriend is like well. ow would you all feel if this happened to you? Viloated?

  2. Jen

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    Please excuse my typos I am really distraught over this. My girlfriend knows family and what the brother in law is capable of. The landlord is well aware of the issues at hand, in fact he has renters to move in in May. My easy child has paid the rent this month. I dont know what point am I trying to make here? I guess , I cannot beleive all that is happening. Personally how do they make pple like this? How does my girlfriend find excuses for the brother in law to take it upon himself to change the locks, not giving anyione including the landlord keys, and it be ok?
  3. Sunlight

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    if your daughter's name is on a lease she should be able to have some rights here. if not, perhaps she will have to find some new place.

    my sister and I would call this a jerry springer moment. so sorry it is happening to you guys. people can be totally off the wall at times!
  4. Suz

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    Jen, this sounds like a very goofy situation. I can understand why you are concerned. Is this your easy child who is going into the military? That decision sounds better and better!

  5. Jen

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    Yeah my daughter and her husband name is both on the lease, in fact they co-signed . If it wasnt for her and husband , the brother in law would not have been able to get a place on their own. Like I have said before the brother in law is much like our difficult child, with history of conduct disorders, alcohol trouble, and smoking pot again in the basement with-o regard to my easy child or husband request. The police aware but turns their head.

    Well she has packed all the belongings and taken over to in-laws house. Planning on friends to help her with a truck uhaul, and a place to store on Sunday before she goes to work. She had the electric in her name, and had it shut off today.

    She finishes her externship for school if she can stay focused in 2 and half weeks. We live 3 hours away from them. so I hope they dont get kicked out of husband parnets place in the meantime. She goes to basic on March 22, it is looking better each time, sad to say.

    Thanks for listening,