stuck in a funk!


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I cannot get out of this funk. I am so tired, and frustrated! This chaos never ends and it is just too much. Starting next week, Sammy will be going downtown, which is 30 minutes without traffic but at least 45 minutes with traffic, every monday wednesday and friday. They have at least 15 weaknesses (I cant spell the other word) that they will be working on. They are working on language, self help skills, physical skills, cognitive skills...just to name a few. I pick Sammy up from school and ask him "Did you eat your sandwhich today?" and his answer "Toby" He doesnt even give an appropriate answer. Did he understand the question or does he not feel like answering? Last week his therapist, husband, and I were panicked because he wouldnt aknowledge anyone else other than Toby in his class if you asked him about it. He has been in the same class with all of these children for a year and a half. I got the class picture and said who is this and he wouldnt answer so his therapist asked and he answered and we all gave a huge sigh of relief there! We took him to a classmates birthday party on sunday and we actually made it the whole time! It was depressing though to see how different he is and how behind he is when he is around other children. I also hate taking him out of his school 3 days a week because he loves it! Yesterday morning he said "ready for school! go to car!" I know he needs this. I also feel that this is our last resort. We have no more options after this. We have tried so many other places but they are too arrogant and refuse to listen to us when we explain how Sammy operates. They think that they will be the ones to change him completely. Sammys current therapy office knows his quirks and knows how he operates and they are very realistic about what will and will not happen. Sammy is so stubborn. He always has been. You can say the sky is blue and just to annoy you he will say no its yellow. He knows its blue, he has spoken about it before, he just wants to fight you. He is like that about everything. It doesnt matter what it is. It is especially bad with me and him. I dont engage in battle with him. He will battle with himself. I dont know. i am especially tired this week. I am tired of all the battles and the crazy schedules. I just want the life to slow down and that is out of my control.


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Take a break away for a bit for a soak in the tub or a pedicure. It doesn't make it go away, but it gives you time to catch your breath. I have such a lame life, my time to catch my breath is a trip to Walmart. It helps to just get away for a few sometimes. I'm so sorry things are so rough! ((hugs))


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Oh girl ~ I can feel your pain! :cry:
It is so hard to be a warrior mom......I really feel like we should earn some type of recognition, money, a badge even? :crazy: for the things we are forced to endure with these kids!!! I look back on the last 16 years, and I realize why my mind is so scattered and full of anxiety, why my heart pounds out of my chest half the time, and why I feel incapable of feeling normal. I wish I had solutions for ya, but only comfort. Hang in there....try to find me time......and know you are not alone.


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I agree. Take a deep breath and a break and maybe go for therapy yourself--that can help a lot. Truly, I think Sammy is on the Spectrum, which would explain his not really understanding your question and giving an inappropriate answer and his only acknowleging one kid, but I know you don't think so...try to take time out for yourself. Our kids are better when WE are.
I wanted to show you an online Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) Assessment test. People I chat with on an excellent Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Message Board feel it is very accurate if the parents answer truthfully. Nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. You'd still have to show it to a professional. A neuropsychologist is best. Big hugs to you.

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I can so understand the wanting things to slow down. I really hope you can find some "me" time in your schedule. It's what helps me keep going. Hugs.


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Unfortunately, things have been chaotic for us for 7 years with both my parents getting very ill and passing away and his father being ill, then all of Sammys issues. It sometimes gets to be too much.
I was Working out with a trainer but now that is over due to our new schedule. I could go maybe one day a week other than that, I cant get there! I think my current funk is not helped by my fathers birthday being tomorrow and going to visit my grandparents in florida this weekend...
"Stop the world, I wanna get off!"

Ah Dara, it's been a rough one for ya. I've learned that sometimes smaller chunks of time are easier and more practical. I mean, if I had a magic wand, I would take a week off (and give every warrior mom here a week off...just put the difficult child's on "pause" for awhile) but sometimes that just is not possible.

15 minutes a day. Some of us have a time with God, some of us just a quite times. Some of us enjoy a cup of coffee without fielding questions about anthills and streetsweepers and pancakes. If you can, do it in the morning before he gets up. It really will help you be more prepared for the day.

Here is hoping that his new therapy is helpful.