Study links pot to increased risk of psychosis



I heard this on the news today also. My difficult child was caught buying pot, admitted to smoking it two years ago at age 10.
That followed with weekly / monthly/ sporadic drug tests. Including blood draws. All of which were clean. Even the time he admitted to it.

He has switched friends and has nothing to do with the old group. He is terrified to go to school this year. When he got caught with the pot, they asked him where he got it. He told them. That boy, along with many other incidents spent last year in Juvie. He is returning to middle school this year and has threatened difficult child.

I had difficult child listen to the news. difficult child insists that pot does nothing to you. I speak to him often about drugs especially with his mood issues and medication he takes. He tells me he would never do drugs. I told him if I ever found him with drugs, buying or selling I would report him to the police. told him I would rather have him in jail, staying clean, than having him hurt others by selling, or possibly OD'ing himself. he told me that is what he would want me to do.
OK..he's 12. But I know the drugs are out there, and I know many at his school say "everyone" does drugs.


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Print this or tell your son about mine. difficult child, 17, bipolar. Frequently suicidal - never violent, had some friends, had issues with other kids. He was often the victim of bullies and it had become a big issue at school. He is a big, tall kid, but he is against violence. He was on medication but still struggling.

On September 27 last year, he got some pot. My husband was in Dallas on business. I went to bed. I woke up to a hand over my mouth. There was someone with a mask and gloves and a huge fillet knife lying on top of me. Swearing at me. I didn't know who it was. I thought someone had broken into my house and was going to kill me. I recognized the gloves. Once I realized it was him I kept saying "difficult child, why are you doing this?" and he kept telling me to shut up. For about 3 minutes this went on - then he fell over. He fainted.

I removed the mask and called an ambulance because he wouldn't wake up. Then I ran outside because I was scared.

My son has been in jail since September 29, 2007. He went to the psychiatric hospital that night and then to the Connecticut juvenile jail. 2 months ago he was transferred to a level 4 adult prison. He is in jail with rapists and killers. He is scared and I cannot help him. I cannot do anything for him.

He said the pot was "sticky" and smelled sweet, but he tested negative for PCP. The things he remembers from that night before I went to bed are not right. He was hallucinating. From pot.

I don't know if this happened because of something in the pot, the combination of the pot or the medications or something else, but it's horrific and it's true.

Tell your difficult child that pot is A LOT more powerful than he thinks it is. My difficult child started when he was 12. I didn't have a clue.

It can ruin his life. My difficult child has a long road to travel, but he'll make it. He regrets hurting his mom and he regrets ever smoking pot.