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I wish I could help! You're not too far away from me, but I don't know much about the resources in NJ. If this helps: my sister just had to do the same thing in November (from NM to NY) and although my Dad drives her nuts (she has an aspie and a easy child/with an attitude!), he's doing his best to adapt and she is too.

Believe it or not, her aspie has leveled out since they moved back mostly because of the stability factors.

Good luck, and God Bless!

PS: be careful when you stick your tongue out behind your mother's back; you're a mom and you know mom's have eyes in the back of their heads! :smile:



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Ugh! So sorry. When I had to move in with my Dad for a very short time in my early twenties that was horrible!!! I could not imagine doing it now.

We need a CD safe house... in the middle of the country... or 3 of them one on each coast and one in the middle... for any of us that need a get away, a refuge, a brief home... oh if only I had Bill Gates money!!!
I hope if you do go home it is short lived and Mom is easy on you. No one needs criticism during these tough times.

Many hugs.

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I have one of those mothers. :surprise:

It can definately be tough. And no mumbling under your breath either, you know she can hear you! :wink:

Any way you could be her to the punch by making out a future plan of your own that you can show to her?

Just moving back in with parents can be difficult. I'm sure there is going to be an adustment period for everyone.


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From a mom whose 36 year old and two grandkids moved out in May (after a year living with me) my suggestion is to, if you have to do this, sit down and make up a game plan with a time frame to move out and some house rules BEFORE hand. I wish I would have set some ground rules going in.

It was a pretty bad experience, partially because her two brothers still live at home, and none of us were prepared to deal with an out of control 2 year old and a nine year old (not to mention their mother who is a piece of work in her own right)

I never got involved in any disipline, or school work stuff, and only put in my two cents worth when asked, which was not often cause she didn't like my answers LOL When things with the kids were working up to a fever pitch, I just left the vicinity

But it is definately tough with two moms in the house, especially if its been a while since the older one had to deal with all of the "stuff" that comes along with having children in the house again,nevermind difficult child kinda stuff

Good luck - gotta tell you that at 56, there is NO way I could reside in the same house with my mother LOL



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Just think of it as temporary and remember this is NOT going to be for the rest of your life. You are young, even if you don't feel it, and you have the next half of your life to live. Prepare for it now. Think about how you want to handle things with your sons, what you want for yourself.If you keep in mind that it is a temporary situation, I think it will be less suffocating. We are here for you and YOU are Strong and YOU can do this!