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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Daughter called at 6:25 AM, crying, she was lonely. That was hard to hear but not surprising. Actaully, growth for her to feel . I talked to her an hour later and she sounded better. I do not have huge expectations for her socially but the adventure is a good and healthy one. I willl consistenly check in and offer encouragement. Skiing is tomorrow. Day 43!!!! Compassion
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    You sound like you are doing great!! 43 days and counting - AMAZING!!! I am sorry that she is lonely. It's good that she was able to express that to you though. I hope she enjoys skiing. I am jealous, I have never been skiing!!! Good for her, what a great experience.

    Hang in there, you are handling this like a trooper!! :)
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    You are right, dealing with loneliness once in awhile is a growing experience. It is a true test of healthy choices to make in getting out of it. You did a great job in sending her and being a shoulder to cry on. Hopefully she will meet a new friend on this outing - one that will support her journey on the right path.

    Way To Go Day 43!
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    My daughter started using drugs to make friends. In a scary way, drug use is very accepted in certain social circles. She was always shy and insecure with other kids.
    It is hard to get used to being with yourself and not being high. My daughter still has her moments when she calls me crying, but it seems to be getting so much better with time :)
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    I agree- calling and reaching out to discuss being sad, depressed, lonely, whatever, is a good sign- she could have chosen to seek out self-medicating instead.
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    Thanks support group:) MWM, Thanks for sharing that your daughter will still call you crying. Yes, time takes time. Inspiration that your daughter has been clean 6 years.Yeh, I knew it would not be easy but I do have faith she is to be doing this. She has never done anything like this before (travel this far:has been to camp and on shorter youth trips)without the family. I will continue to call. Like her therapist said this takes a lot of courage. If nothing else, it is quite an adventure.
    This is actually experiencing stuff, not just talking. Ironically this is the church youth group she has been refusing to be a part of which of course makes it harder for her. Part of her individuating was insisting on going to another group that E attends. I tried to encourage her to do the fund raising,etc. activities that would have connected her more but she refused. One girl she has known since baby and was in confirmation class with her.
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    I hope she has fun skiing! This is very encouraging and kudos for 43 days. ODAAT! ML
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    Yea!! and she called you that's great!!