suspended for the first time this year

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    And it is over a bus stop incident. Apparently another boy was makeing fun of difficult child's last name, and difficult child picked up a rock, threw it at him and hit him in the mouth!! He says he did not mean to, but at this point it does not matter. He was in in school suspension today, and has out of school suspension Monday. difficult child mainly rides the bus to see his friends, we live close enough he does not have to. I think the bus priveleges are gone. The kid was teasing him, but he wasn't being too cruel, did not turn our last name into anything nasty or obscene, just into "Dolphin".

    How do you increase a kids temper? Sometimes his fuse is so short, especially if he has others around him and he wants to look good. He ends up looking awful!! At this point I would like to try some sort of therapy, but cannot afford it. We are having an IEP meeting next week (I do not know what an IEP can do for the bus stop, actual school has been good except for a few minor incidents) and I will mention this. Maybe they can find funds. I have insurance, but right now things are so tight that I cannot even afford the copay. The principal mentioned a social skills class, and I think that would be great too. He did that last year and I think it helped a lot.

    Why is it always the stupidest things?
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    I hear ya,crazymama....I or Bob go to the bus stop with chris in the mornings to make sure he behaves (he would run into the busy street playing chicken with the cars)...I have never been ashamed of what chris has been diagnosed with, so after the kids are on the bus, i explain what he goes thru...most parents i know seem to understand and are willing to keep an eye on him, if he decides to go to the stop early...i know you said that the other kid was teasing him a LITTLE bit with his last name, but mabey to your son it is alot worse...i have taught my sons that if someone throws a punch at them, they punch back twice as hard and they will not be in trouble with me, but they pretty much know not to be the one who starts it...good luck with the chris' one of the things he is to receive is counseling once a week with the school therapist to help manage his anger, mabey you could have something similar and it would be covered under his education...also we have in nj a mobile response unit and they have come to the home and then chris receives at home therapy and behavior assistant services completely free if he meets the criteria of need...hope you find some help!!!
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    Thanks Debdeb. If someone attacked difficult child then he can defend himself, but the problem with that is he loses control, and he can hurt someone. Once someone is down you stop, and I do not know if he would. At least now he owns his actions and realizes they were wrong, that is so different than last year. Not too many people know difficult child's diagnosis, as when one bus driver found out he asked easy child if her brother was "crazy". That was cruel and uneccessary, and came from an adult.

    I really am hoping the school can offer some type of counseling assistance.
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    I am sorry youe difficult child has such a hard time wiht his temper. You CAN get help through the IEP.

    The finances of the services your child needs at school are the SCHOOL's problem, NOT YOURS!! It is actually illegal for them to tell you there are no funds for something your son needs. Go over to the Special Education forum and give them a picture of what you are dealing with and what your son needs. ASK what interventions and services your son would benefit from. Take that list (and the rest of the help thye give you) into the IEP meeting and STAND YOUR GROUND.

    Your son has a right to a FAPE - or Free and Approtpriate Public Education in the LRE (Least Restrictive Environment). The ladies over on Special Education will give you all kinds of help and support through the whole process. You do NOT have to sign the IEP until you are happy with it.