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    Hello everyone! It's been a long, interesting journey for me over the last month. As I do believe all things work together for the greater good (I believe in a benevolent universe, rather than a neutral one or a negative one). As I write this, I just realized I don't know the word for the opposite of "Entropy" (things devolving into chaos). Just looked it up and closest I could find was "Syntropy" (things working together to evolve into order). I like that........ "Syntropy"! That's my general foundation I follow.

    However, the frustrating part is that it doesn't always "evolve" in the timeframe I want! LOL! So, sometimes it's a difficult wait. March seemed to be a difficult wait time for me. Our son's 25th birthday was March 16, and it kind of hit me out of nowhere that we were totally out of touch.


    It's April now and things have shifted for the better. NO -- We're not really in close touch. To be honest, that's probably for the better (that whole Syntropy thang again!) because we know his current state of life. Better to wait. YES -- Though, that we have reestablished a minimal positive contact (via Facebook private messages). I don't know where he is (I have a general idea of a guess, but nothing concrete)......again, I think that's for the best........for now.

    But we are saying kind and respectful words to each other. And I know that's probably about the best it could be for now. And, having been around this block about a bazillion times......... I'll take it! :D I choose to see the positive in it because, realistically, I really do think it's the best things could be right now given current circumstances. And I choose to have GRATITUDE for that.

    I took a whole day of quiet to myself (well, my husband and our 60-lb dog all snuggled up together on our double recliner), for basically all day Saturday. Hardly a word was said. We watched movies, held hands (and paws) and just said virtually nothing. I needed that. Sometimes I need down periods of life to process things (I feel a lot and, sometimes, am not the fastest "processor" of my deep emotions).

    Took time for ME (husband and dog, apparently, in same frame of mind!) and loved it!

    Chose Gratitude for ME (whatever happens around me, I feel better with Gratitude inside me). Forgot that for a while in March. But, ya know, April is looking muuuuuch better!

    "Syntropy", I tell you. "Syntropy". Not always on my preferred timeframe (I can be a slow learner at times), but, always........... "Syntropy".

    And I'll take that "Syntropy", thank you very much! :D
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    I love this post of yours.
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    Great post HM!!

    Love the concept of chaos to order. Syntropy!!

    I too try to live with an attitude of gratitude. You are so right about how it feels inside.

    What an absolutely beautiful day. I really love the "holding paws"