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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Okay, I'm not posting about results, just about what Cat was wearing.....I usually think she looks pretty good, but tonight was tu tu, wierd hair night for her.....just didn't do a thing for me.......

More tomorrow when everyone has viewed the final show.....</span>

Well as long as we are talking about appearances...

Tell me that Nigel can't afford to whiten his dang teeth. And Shane...Ok, we get it. You're hip hop. Could you tip the hat up 1/2 inch so we can see your friggin face?

OK. Done. More tomorrow (NO SPOILERS!!)


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I was going to post the same thing about Cat! She looked like one of those Barbie dolls that they stick inside a birthday cake.

Did she look in a mirror? :rofl:

Okay, I'm done, no spoilers from me.



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I doubt even a Barbie doll would have been willing to wear that outfit! I think the butterflies in the hair were adorable. Well, adorable if you're under 8. Do we blame the costume designers for her outfit, too?

I love that they brought back some of the performers who didn't make it and let them dance again. It was such a joy to see some people who had a talent in one dance genre but could never make it in a show like this.

Boy, it is hard to not say something about the results but I'll keep quiet in case someone recorded it and won't be watching til tomorrow morning. :smile:


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Excellent self-restraint, girls! :bravo:

I agree about Cat's appearance. What was she/they thinking? And last night I noticed how really TALL she is. I'm sure I knew that but - maybe it was her outfit that exaggerated it? She looked like she was 7 feet tall last night.

Well, you all know I was rooting for Danny and I'm disappointed that #1 and #2 positions weren't reversed...but I am always so impressed with how gracious these young people are, even when they lose. I hope that all 4 of them have long, wonderful careers.

I guess last year Benji had the monetary prize and was also offered a job with Celine Dion's Las Vegas show (which he turned down). The winner this year gets $250,000. Any idea what/if the rest of the Final Four get?



No real answers to life..
Okay, on Nigel and teeth whitening....I think the British in general are less concerned with the appearance of their teeth, (apologies to all Brits for being unpolitically correct). I didn't get the idea that the runners up got much monetary prize, but do go on the tour and assume they would be well paid for their dancing, especially if featured in a solo or partner act...I also liked the idea that some contestants who would not do well in overall dancing were featured.

I'm happy about the winner, but think the selection of dancers was pretty good for all who were on the show. It is interesting to see the choreographers too, I didn't realize how much they do in designing the dance and the difference it makes in the competition.....I was never a big fan of contemporary dance and they have won me over....

Okay, what do we watch now? Remember when the new season started in September? I now have to wait until January for "24" to start.....bummer.....I have missed a few episodes of The Closer, so time to get caught up.....


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I thought the finale was excellent. So many times it is filled with fluff for two hours. This was an excellent show and I'm glad the dancers danced and we didn't watch a repeat of the last time they did it.

I was wondering what happened to the girl who Nigel was talking about who ended up having a baby. I kept trying to find out what happened to her. I'm so glad they tied up that loose end.

I also enjoyed the fact that they brought back some of the really good dancers that did not make it to the top group or Vegas.

Did you notice the Lindy Hop choreographers were in Vegas but got cut? I thought it was really cool that the show brought them on to do the choreography. What a hard dance to do. I felt bad for Lacey and Neil for having to do that when they had to learn and do so many other dances this week....especially when I saw the finale and realized the dancers(top 4) all had to practice all the old dances for last night's show too. YIKES! They must have been exhausted.


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I really enjoyed this entire season. What a great group of talented dancers.

I was totally in awe watching Danny each time he danced. He truly seems to float across the stage. That being said, I wasn't surprised that Sabra won, and I was thrilled for her. I think she was a consistent dancer the entire season, and she really has such grace and form. What a natural talent for someone who hasn't had as much formal training as some of the others.

So, two years in a row, I've picked the runner-up. Oh well. I loved Travis' technique and dances last year, but could certainly see that Benji had the crowd. This year again, I was wow'ed by Danny's technique and mastery of dance, but could also appreciate the appeal and zest of Sabra.

The finale was a very good show. Loth, I was wow'ed seeing all the dances they had to remember and do too. Amazing.



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Did you all read that a girl went into labor while in line trying
out for American Idol????? I had to smile at her tenacity. She
refused to leave until she got to sing because she had been in line for hours. a Warrior Mom! LOL.

PS: She got a ticket to move on to the next competitive step.

Re: SYTYCD, I was rooting for Danny but there was a mess of talent on that show this season.