Taking difficult child Off Celexa

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Dec 2, 2010.

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    I spoke to the psychiatrist last night and he finally agreed with me that taking difficult child off of Celexa was the way to go. We had hoped that it would help with his anxiety to the point that the tantrums would stop, but not only have they not stopped, but they have gotten worse. I think difficult child mistook me for a punching bag on Tuesday night. So, the plan is to wean him off the Celexa, have him off medications for a week, and then start the Risperdal. Hopefully, that will have some positive effect.

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    Don't be surprised if it is a rough week when he weaning off the Celexa before he starts his new medication. My daughter was always very irritable at every step of our very slow wean from Lexapro. For her, it didn't really start until about week 3 at the lower dose, so maybe you will have time to start the new one before that happens.

    Before we weaned her off, if we forgot to give her a dose, she was more violent than she ever was. One time, she pulled a knife out of the drawer. Luckily, she gave it up easily enough.

    I would let a lot of things go this week while he is off medications, so he doesn't escalate even more out of control.
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    We recently weaned my son off Celexa and he was ok until it stopped completely. Then he got very nauseated. He went back on a low dose and we took him off really slowly with me breaking the pills into tiny amounts. That worked fine. Everyone is different but just in case you have a similar experience. Good luck with it.
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    We had problems with disinhibition with my difficult child 1 on medications like Celexa. As a result when he got mad, he got REALLY mad and also became destructive. He's taking Remeron now and it seems to be helping a bit, though not completely with his symptoms. It's an ongoing process to find the right medications it seems, and I'm sure puberty and growth changes are part of the problem in acheiving stability for our kids. Good luck, I hope the Risperdal works for him.
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    I wish you better luck with the Celexa to Risperdal change than kiddo had.