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  1. flutterbee

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    You can hear the relief in his voice. Tony is just ecstatic that Janet is doing so well. He said she's made leaps and bounds in the last 3-4 days.

    Janet does pretty well when she first wakes up, but as fatigue sets in so does some confusion, which is to be expected, I would think. It was the lamictal withdrawal, according to Janet's psychiatrist, that caused the seizures and she is back on it now.

    They don't know how long she will be in the hospital, but Tony is hoping only another week or two. He said there will be a lot of PT and he's not sure if she'll have to be in a rehabilitation center for that, but we're hoping that she can go home and have PT come in. That would be ideal. They're reading all the cards and letters that everyone has sent to Janet and I know they have been a source of comfort to everyone. Tony said she moves her arms and legs a lot more during her sleep than awake - that she's really restless in her sleep, but she is using her arms more. PT is working with her in the hospital. As soon as she is able they will bring in a laptop for her.

    Tony talked about the board gathering next year and they're both planning on being there.

    He gave the phone to Janet and I talked to her for just a minute. She's still having trouble talking and swallowing from having the vent in for so long, but it was sooooo good to hear her voice.

    She's asking for diet coke. Guess we know what to get her for Christmas!
  2. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Thank you Heather. That is very good news and it does look like Janet is getting healthier.
  3. Jena

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    Aw that's great!!!

    Thanks for sharing that!! Wanting Diet Coke very good sign!!! :)
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Diet coke?

    Thanks H!

    Janet - when you read this - you can STILL count on my butt kicking - when we get to the BOTTOM of WHY - you almost left us - ahem.......were you out of medications? And didn't ASK anyone for help?



    If I ever get a Jennet - I'm naming her JANET. STUBBORN STUBBORN.....
  5. mstang67chic

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    Geesh pressure on the board get together, huh.

    **Note to self...make sure wherever we stay is properly stocked with Diet Coke.

    Like....a truck load.

    Soooooooooooooo glad you (she) is doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Nancy

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    Whew that all sounds very good. Thanks for the update and please let Janet know how much we are thinking of her.

  7. everywoman

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    So glad to hear that.

    Star---want me to pick you up and head that way. We'll hijack a diet coke truck along that way, run over some really sorry behind drill sergeants, crash through a PD office and then head to NC!
  8. Lothlorien

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    Sounds absolutley wonderful..
    Glad you are doing better, Janet. We are all pulling for you!
  9. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well maybe we should meet closer to Janet next year??? I'm packing Diet Coke's on my Mule!!! Oh, and chocolate!!!
    Thanks Heather!!!
  10. Hound dog

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    easy child says most likely the confusion is a hangover from the medications to sedate her while she was on the vent and the withdrawl from the psychiatric medications. Shouldn't last more than a few days. Which would be wonderful.

    I'd imagine until her medications get back to working properly and the sedative drugs completely wear off they won't know for sure how much injury the infection caused. But so far it's not sounding too bad from discussing it with easy child who is an ICU nurse. :)

    Janet, you're on your way back to us. You'll be causing trouble in no time. :D

  11. Stella Johnson

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    I'm so relieved she is coming back.

    I'm even doing the nekid chicken dance for you now.:bravo:
    (It's not a pretty site)

  12. Estherfromjerusalem

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    I'm so happy that Janet is improving -- every day I check in to see how she is (you are).

    Hope you are soon well enough to have a laptop in the hospital, and then we can "speak" to you again. That day can't come soon enough for me.

    Love, Esther
  13. trinityroyal

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    Janet, I'm dancing, crossing and praying like mad, and very very glad that you're continuing to get better.

    Tony, Billy and Billie, thanks so much for keeping us all up to date on Janet's progress. Saying prayers for all of you, and sending many gentle hugs.

  14. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Heather!

    Tony, Billy and Billie, thank you all. Here is some strength, relaxation, extra sleep, and humor coming through the DSL for all of you.

  15. witzend

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    Thank you, Heather, for keeping the good ju-ju going with Janet for us.
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  16. KTMom91

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    Thanks for the update, Heather!

    Janet, keep getting better! Hugs to you and the rest of the family.
  17. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Thanks for keeping us informed...... Janet, hope you are feeling better soon!
  18. flutterbee

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    Witz - Janet didn't voluntarily go cold turkey off her medications. The family bagged up her medications and took them to the hospital. The hospital didn't continue them.
  19. witzend

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    My bad. I'm going to delete that...
  20. katya02

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    What great news! Still sending up prayers and now, thanks, for Janet's progress!
    Way to go, Janet! :)