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  1. ML

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    I was wondering if you ladies can help me figure out some ways to not feel so tired all the time (TATT).

    Weight loss is a goal of mine but it's only part of healty living. I know of no greater collective widsom than you all. So if you have any ideas or solutions that have worked for you please share.

    I've been researching chronic fatigue and associated yeast. Could it be this simple?

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  2. trinityroyal

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    It certainly could be. I think the remedy for it has to do with cutting out ALL sugars from your diet. As in no bread, no fruit, no sweet vegetables (carrots, corn, beans and peas, etc.) I don't know the details, but I have certainly heard that candidiasis can really do a number on your energy.

    Hope you find the answers soon.

  3. JJJ

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    I found that by cutting out all Gluten (wheat, barley, rye) that my energy soared. I use to be exhausted all of the time. Now I can tell if I ate something with gluten as I will want to crawl into bed.
  4. Josie

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    I was also always tired until I gave up gluten. Along with wheat, barley, and rye, I gave up oats unless they are certified gluten free.

    I used to take a nap every day and then be thinking about bed right after dinner. I would get the kids in bed, then go to bed myself by 9 or 9:30.

    Once I gave up gluten, I can go to bed at midnight, get up at 5, day after day and not be tired! It is amazing and one of the things that make the girlfriend diet worthwhile.

    I can also tell if I have had some gluten by mistake, because I am as tired as I used to be again.
  5. ML

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    I supposed I should consider gluten. Thanks for sharing your experiences :)
  6. Josie

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    And I lost more than 15 lbs. without doing anything except giving up gluten and milk. I used to be one of those people that ate the entire bread basket and asked for more in a restaurant. I don't miss it, now.

    I eat whatever I want as long as it is girlfriend, cookies, cake, etc.