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    I've rec'd several calls over the last week from each of the tweedles tdocs.

    Questioning my health, my decisions (I guess based on my health). Also sharing with me how much trauma kt & wm are just now remembering; every little detail.

    I finally put a stop to it today while I was talking to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) therapist - I'm real glad that kt is working thru all of this. She needs to. Do I need to know every detail, really?

    When wm came here for that hour long visit he threw me into PTSD telling "funny" stories to his mental health specialist about setting his bed on fire, hurting kt, etc. I was about to throw up - wm's specialist put a stop to his "stories".

    I know this is a good thing - I just don't want to hear all the details. I think I know more than enough of what happened to my children. I think the privacy law here starts at 17. I don't think I can wait.
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    Ug. That sounds like entirely too much info. Glad you got the t doctor to quit giving you all the details.
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    Linda - Definitely time to cut them off when it comes to questioning your decisions and health, in my humble opinion. The fact that you were still standing *last* year (and the year before, and the year before, etc.) is a testament to your determination and strength. The fact that you're still standing this year is nothing short of miraculous. If at all possible, I'd keep the answers to inquiries about your health short and simple - "I'm fine". While the physical changes do impact the tweedles, it's comparatively old news now. Yes, they have to adjust/accept the physical limitations, but those are pretty self-evident and ... well, it just sounds like the professionals are blurring the boundaries between information they need to work with- the kids, and information that is way over that line.

    I have to tell you I'm really surprised that the tdocs are sharing specific info with- you about their sessions. In 14 years of thank you's therapy, I can think of only one instance where information from a session was shared, and that was a safety issue. Even when he was just a little tyke, the details of what went on behind those closed door was always between him and the therapist. I don't know.... it would be different if the kids were telling you directly. Seems like tdocs sharing is a real violation of trust, ethics, something.

    Blech. Not fun. Sending you a gentle hug.
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    I agree with Sue, time to shut them down when it comes to questioning you. Time to question THEM. They are not the parents. Yes, they care. Yes, it is good they are supposed to be helping kt and wm. But that does NOT give them the right to make parental decisions or to question parental decisions you make. Period.

    I am glad I am not the only one who thinks that the level of sharing that the tdocs are pushing you to have is not right. They are breaking trust with the kids and it needs to stop.

    I am sorry you have had them dump this on you.