Teacher hates my son


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My 8th grade son has butted heads with his science teacher all year. She emails me often saying this and that is missing, this negative behavior is happening etc. He has an IEP and he does get some mods. This lady is not following the IEP, I doubt she has ever looked at it. Today I got another email from her saying my son needs to attend her tutorials at 7:30am mon and wed. mornings. I replied telling her he rides the bus because I have to be at my job earlier and the bus does not get to school this early. No response. But my son came home and she told him "I expect you to make other arrangements to get to school by 7:30 am " Putting this pressure on a child. So basically I have to rearrange my schedule to accomidate this teacher and her tutorials. I am pissed. I can manage it but what if we were poor or had no car or this was just impossible? Would she call child protective services? Alert, parent cant get kid to school 30 minutes early!! Kid has to ride the dreaded bus! Would she harass everyone under any circumstances? And if he does not show, he has lunch detention. Regardless of the situation. I think she is drunk with power and just does not like him. Oh, and she fails him on papers because of spelling errors. She is anal about how she wants things done. This is why he is failing her class. Not because of lack of effort.


Ask for an IEP meeting and make your concerns known. I would not have done this ever because it was very difficult to get my kid to school at 8:30 on time, let alone early. In other words, going to school early would not meet my child's individual needs--that is what an IEP is about.

All the points you raise about --what if you were poor, the pressure is being put upon the child, etc. are valid. However, what you need to consider in my opinion is what will help your son and then try to get it. Your son is at a critical time for a student with an IEP--he has to transition to h.s. and frankly, because of NCLB, many high schools would not miss our kids greatly.

What type of accommodations does he have now?



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She should quit teaching. My Eeyore had a 1st grade teacher that disliked him (how can you dislike a 1st grader??? He wasn't a behavior problem, she just didn't like him.

I'd start going over her head to get the IEP enforced and no way would I bend over backwards to get him there early unless I thought it would benefit my son.