Technical difficulties??


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Newbie question: I read the threads on how to add a signature and enable seeing other member signatures and followed the directions, but I'm still not seeing them at the bottom of posts...could this be because I am using my iPhone? Or did I make a rookie mistake?

I'm usually pretty tech savvy, but this has me stumped.



Tanya M

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I don't know about the iPhone but if you are on a easy child/Laptop in the upper right hand corner hover over your name and a dialog box will appear, click on signature, fill it in and you'e good to go.


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your sig shows as:

daughter-difficult child: 16yo; diagnosis Bipolar & PTSD, 1/2015; diagnosis Dep/Anxiety, ?/2011; misdx ADHD, ?/2007


Odds are forever in my favor...
Thanks Tanya! It's probably just a glitch with the phone. I haven't checked on the easy child yet.