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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by teenwithtwins, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Hi I'm Madi from Sydney Australia and I'm 16 yrs old and proud momma of twins :) I gave birth on December 7,2011 and they're the best Christmas gift ever!! :)
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    Hello Maddi,
    Who is helping you? Taking care of twins is a huge job. Are you still in school trying to do this? How can we help you here?
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    Hi Madi, congratulations on your babies. I hope they and you are healthy. I am guessing they are too young to be behavior problems yet (just teasing you!) So, I would ask too, are you raising them alone? Have you had struggles that we can help you with by lending some support. There are lots of parents here so we do know how it is to raise children. Several here with twins too. Are your mom and/or dad helping you, the father of the babies? This is not really a site for typical parenting but certainly we have done typical things that parents need to do, (feed, love, change diapers, bathe, maintain sanity etc...). Hope all is well with you.