Temps (a vent)

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  1. Hound dog

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    I know so many of you are soooooo much colder than we are. :frozen:
    Current temp here is 1.5 degrees and -22 windchill. And believe me....you know it. brrrrrr And we're no where near the low yet.

    Rowdy is safely inside. Poor old boy is panting. (he has his winter coat and it's thick) But he's snug as a bug in Betsy's kennel about 2 feet away from me. :)

    I've yet to spot Willie to bring him inside. So I'm guessing the neighbor lady he "cheats" on us with has already let him in.

    I personally want to beat husband within an inch of his frimping life. :mad: I have not 1 but 2 dog crates in the family room. All I asked husband to do today was to put together the large size one in the kitchen for Rowdy tonight. And then put up the tarps over his kennel for tomorrow. Because easy child and I are going after the straw since they weren't open over the weekend. That would protect him during the day, and he could come in at night if needed.

    But noooooooooooo. My lazy good for nuthin' husband sat here on his arse all day playing computer games instead. While Rowdy sat chained in the yard with no dog house or shelter of any kind as the temp steadily dropped all darn day. Believe me, it was already frigid by noon.

    I was fit to kill when I got home and Rowdy wasn't already inside. Couldn't do much about it right away as husband was on the phone to grands in Mo and it was a collect call.

    When I demanded to know why husband left Rowdy out to freeze he gave me the lame excuse he couldn't "find" the crates. Ok. Yeah. I have a whole yard sale sitting as a disaster in the fam room, true. But he had ALL DAY to locate 1 of the 2 crates out there!! It was all I could do not to actually hit the man.:ashamed:

    So I go looking for the crate. by the way my fam room is not heated. It's as cold out there as it is outside and now it's after dark so temps are well below zeroish. Plus it's such an enormous room that the light doesn't really lite it well making it hard to see in there unless it's daylight. So I couldn't find them. They aren't where I put them. So at some point husband has moved them. grrrrrrrrr

    So then I wrack my brain trying to come up with a solution. Mr Rowdy man was not staying out in this cold. So I'm risking the tree and decorations to have Betsy sleeping with Molly in the livingroom. I'm praying she'll be a good girl. Her crate has been moved to the kitchen for Rowdy. Girls are blocked from him with a baby gate so Rowdy doesn't try to get out and play with them. (or to eat Bruce. I forgot he doesn't like cats!)

    I go out to bring Rowdy inside. I had Travis heat up his dogfood and feed him first, made sure he ate and drank. There he is........sitting in the middle of the yard, wind howling, him huddled up for all he's worth in a feeble attempt to keep warm. No dog house because his is in his kennel. Nothing near to huddle under or inside.:mad:

    He couldn't get into the house fast enough. I didn't even have to coax him. Poor baby.

    It's been a long time since husband has been able to get under my skin this bad. I'm not just mad, I'm enraged. This dog did his utter best while both hurt and terrified to get me help. When husband and the kids tried to put him in his kennel when he came to get them he refused to cooperate and kept barking and whining at them until they figured out something was very wrong. Rowdy did his utter best to save my life dammit, and husband "forgets" him for some stupid video game!!!

    I don't even have the words, people. I may be bunking with Betsy and Molly tonight.
  2. Stella Johnson

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    Aww I'm so sorry. Poor puppy. I'm glad he's warm inside now. You can put a foot up your husband's rear for me too.

  3. flutterbee

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    You could always chain H up outside without shelter and see how he likes it.

    Just a thought.....

    I'm just glad that Rowdy is in now and snug as a bug. Poor guy.
  4. Abbey

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    I'll add another foot.

    (He's not playing WOW, is he?)

  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well........I didn't smother husband. But he got elbowed hard a few times in his sleep. And I let Bruce pounce on him. lol I didn't go up until right before he was to leave for work.

    Now today, amoung the zillion other things I've got to do....I've got to try to get Rowdy set up for winter.

    Since I just got up.....I've got to run all the dogs out for a potty run. And it's still only 2 degrees.