Ten years ago today..



My father died. I really have a hard time dealing with this day. I can remember the exact events of that day. I feel old. So much has happened these past ten years, I wish he could of been here.

Just feeling sad today.


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So sorry, KJS. I know the feeling and usually on the date of death of my son, I PRAY for the day to just be over! Sometimes life s**cks. I join you in heartache...


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KJS, I understand. I have been an adult orphan for 5 years now. My dad died at age 64. (I was 34) He had only just retired. It sucked as he and Mom had put off doing things they dreamed of until all us kids (5)had grown up and left. They had just finished paying off the huse and were beginning to travel and have fun. It was untimely and cruel. My mom died many years later at age 83. She was still mostly independant and looking foward to a vacation and a new home near my sister. But her life was complete and she had many ailments so I didn't morn her death. I do miss her but it isn't the same as when a parent dies young. I often have a quick thought to call her and tell her something and then remember she isn't here anymore. Try to take a seeveral minutes to meditate on her today and then do something nice for yourself. Ceelebrate her life. (((HUGS)))