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Good Morning,

Yeah-Friday is here at long last! Of course, it was another long night last night because of difficult child's wrestling (sorry dr.s Sharon & Linda-I had to go-both husband and I did). It was interesting when he wrestled a girl you could tell he wouldn't go full force. He would get her down then stand back up. Later the coach explained how he has to go full force no matter who he is wreslting. It probably didn't help that the first time they tried to wrestle she ran off crying because it was her first night wrestling. It was also fun because someone I had taught for two years was there wrestling for the opposing team.

Today it's work and then hopefully a workout :smile:. Then early to bed for me beause I have to kick this sore throat!

I hope everyone enjoys a fun free choice Friday! :wink:


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G'day Sharon. I'm glad you had a good night at the wrestling. It's funny how early our male difficult children become aware of girls. And her first night wrestling? That was a bit hard on her, to throw her in the deep end like that.

It's been a fairly quiet Friday here today, difficult child 3 once again working as hard as he can on his schoolwork. He does get distracted at times but is highly motivated to get his work done. But despite his efforts it's piling up again, I need to talk to his teachers. He can't be spending both days all day of every weekend, doing schoolwork. I'm hoping to sort out some compromise next week (he has a study day at the school, we'll meet with teachers then).
Poor kid was in tears this afternoon, feeling overwhelmed. He then spent another solid hour completing his week's maths work. Tomorrow he and I are going to work on two weeks' of art for him. I'm getting out my paints to 'play' with my own craft - decoupage boxes. Or maybe some T-shirt painting. Or maybe some watercolour gift tags. Whatever - I'm not fussy. But this way we can work as a team. I do need to paint a banner for my chess class, I could use my fabric paints on that, I have an old banner I was working on for a job I did years ago, the fabric is going to be wasted anyway if I don't find some other use.
So here's hoping the work gets done quickly and I can take him to the beach! Here's hoping the weather is OK for it.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.


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Matgurite-Actually they are both beginners this year-that's why they did the meet to get the kids some practice with only two schools-difficult child has gone to a few tournaments but is still really a beginner too. I do give her a lot of credit for going back out and trying again.

I hope you get something worked out for difficult child's homework!


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Good morning Sharon, Marg, all to follow :coffee:

Sharon, I'm glad difficult child was taking it easy on the girl, even if he shouldn't have. That shows he has compassion, don't you think? Good for him.

Marg, I'm sorry to hear difficult child 3 is having such a hard time getting his homework done. Is he on any ADHD medication (doesn't say in your profile). I hope he's able to complete it all. The arts and crafts sound fun!

I'm so glad it's Friday. My kids are finally, FINALLY, going to spend an overnight with their father this weekend :bravo: I drop them off Saturday at noon, pick up SUNDAY at 3 :smile: Yes, I'm excited. Too bad they're not :rolleyes: DEX wants a relationship with them, but I don't know how interested they are. He hasn't been around in 16 months. He missed birthdays, Christmas, etc. I know gifts are materialistic, but even a card never came. These are kids. They remember that stuff.

Maybe now that he's clean and working he can try to rebuild a bond? Not my problem.

No school again today. They haven't been since Tuesday. I have to get to work, though - so they'll be out playing in the snow at the sitter. SO's been off for TWO WEEKS :grrr: I think he's hunting today.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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Good morning friends,

Sharon, what's the word that comes to mind here for difficult child - chivalry. That's the one. :bravo:

Marg, I hope difficult child can plow his way through the homework issue. I know those homework battles - aren't pretty.

Janna, enjoy the respite time. I hope DEX can repair his relationship with his boys.

:coffee: sipping away on my coffee; kt just woke up & is chomping to get on the road. Hmmmm, let see.....not. I've a bit of coffee to get into my system, packing to complete & gee, I thought showering would be a good idea. :rofl:

Going to check in with the board & get my sleepy self going. How do these kids wake up so alert??? :bow:


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Good morning all. It was our coldest night in over a year but the sun is up and it promises to warm to the 50's. Yay. Hope you are all thawing out.

Wiped out, hope you can get a handle on the sore throat. Sounds like difficult child is working on his wrestling. It's a good thing.

Marguerite, good luck with the homework. I never could instill difficult child with the understanding that homework was important. He still doesn't get practice.

Janna, enjoy a night of respite. Hope the boys connect with their dad. At least he is trying. Little consolation to you but it's a good thing for the boys. Hope you thaw out.

Timer, enjoy kts weekend transition. Hope it's a positive thing.

difficult child tells me "I have a plan". So we are going with his initiative. I'm hoping for the best and quietly planning for the worst. Just in case his plan doesn't work out.

TGIF. It's a 3 day weekend for husband but not easy child or easy child daughter. Life is tough isn't it? Maybe a little bit of taxes and little bit of a date is in order for the weekend.
I went back to weight training after 2 months off. Ugh. Remind me to not ever quit. I can feel my muscles stiffening as I type. Got to keep the bones and heart healthy, so they tell me. :smile:

Nothing exciting going on. Hope your Friday is a good one.
Good Morning Cyber Friends!

Sharon, I hope you feel better soon!!!

Marg, I'm sorry things are so hard for difficult child 3. I hope things go well when you meet with his teachers. I'm hoping you have a beautiful, sunny afternoon and you and difficult child 3 get to enjoy the beach!!!

Janna, I'm so happy for you!!! Do something extra special for yourself while the kids are at their father's house!!! You definitely could use a little rest and relaxation!!!

Linda, Enjoy your :coffee:!!! I know I can't start my day without lots and lots of it!!! When you figure out how our difficult children can have so much energy first thing in the morning, let me know their secret. I could use a few tips on getting started...

My kids don't have school today and next week is vacation week. It's going to be a L O N G one!!! I'm home with them...

I've already done my :smile: and am now beginning my third cup of :coffee:. I hope it helps!!! difficult child 1 was up most of the night and kept me up too. He hasn't been sleeping much the past week. I'll have to keep my eye on him. I might have to call the psychiatrist.

I have some errands to run. I'll have to take the kids. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly...

This afternoon, I'm hoping for a few hours of peace. I just want to hang out with my still soft, freshly bathed, favorite sanity saver (my dog - I was in a rush the other morning and probably wasn't too clear - Fran thought I was going in for a day of beauty - I wish I could!!!), sip tea, and maybe do a bit of reading...

Anyway, hi to anyone who snuck in. I hope everyone has a "melt-down" free day!!! WFEN
Fran, You snuck in. I hope difficult child's plan works out. You never know...

Good for you - weight training is an excellent way to stay in shape!!! :smile:

I think a date night would be perfect :flower: ENJOY!!! WFEN


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OMG, that wrestling story is precious!

It was our coldest night, too... woke up to 18 degrees. Unusual for us.

Good morning, all.


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Good morning! :coffee:
Sorry I haven't checked in before now (well, I actually tried but kept being pulled away, lol!). Busy, busy, busy here trying to catch up before Duckie starts her mid-winter recess. :nonono: I had to pull together paperwork, etc for her allergy testing next week. Plus I"m trying to get the house in order as it looks like we're hosting Daisies next week. What was I thinking, lol! :hammer:
Have a great day. :wink: