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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    I don't remember being more thankful for Friday!!!!!!! It's been a long week back to work and yesterday we had a day of all in door recess because of the rain:rain:

    Today after work I'm going to hang around in my classroom and get some more work done. I've been picking up difficult child all week because of the transportation issue (which for now will be resolved starting Monday). husband will pick him up and I'll wait for easy child while she has cheer practice. husband, bless his soul, has been doing that all week.

    I will at some point have to make it to the health club.:treadmill: I'll probably be asleep very early tonight!

    Wishing everyone a happy free choice Friday!:try2fly:
  2. Marguerite

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    Sharon/WO, yesterday's recess indoors in the wet sounds like a rough day. I hope the bus problem for difficult child gets sorted out. I assume the taxi begins on Monday? That should buy you a few weeks, anyway.

    We've had a cold, wet day here. difficult child 3 has worked on his History assessment task on the Depression. From the reading, it seems Australia copped it worse than anywhere else in the world. Certainly the stories I grew up on were fairly horrendous. But the Depression, along with WWI ands WWII, were what has made Australia what it is today.
    Crikey, maybe I should write the essay!

    Because it was wet I didn't get as much done today as I wanted, but I did get some cooking done (more going on as I write this). A little bit of gardening. Some politicking, some planning.

    The wedding invitations came home with husband tonight, so we have the weekend to get things organised. We still have a little printing to do, but we're ready to go. Time to swing into action!

    Tomorrow husband will pick up more stationery, mother in law & I will go out to collect some trees and other supplies (it's time to poison the bindies in the lawn - bindies are an Aussie lawn prickle) and then we're dropping in on the fete at the highway school where difficult child 3 went for one term, and where therapist's daughter now goes. therapist is hopefully going to be there, in wheelchair (recovering from neurosurgery). And if difficult child 3 comes along as well, he can talk to mother in law about her experiences, growing up in the Depression.

    It's supposed to be still raining tomorrow, but that's OK. It means fewer crowds at the outdoor places. Have to take a raincoat, though. And they've forecast gale-force winds, so we'll skip the umbrellas. I WAS hoping to get to the local op-shop in the morning, but I might have to pass on that. As for tonight - lots of little fiddly tasks, the sort that seem to build up because they wait forever, but it's so good to get them done and behind you. Bits of mending, darning, odd repairs ... those things that are good to do when it's unpleasantly cold and damp outside.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  3. timer lady

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    Good Friday morning friends,Sharon, hope the school day goes better today.Marg, cannot believe the invites have arrived already - things seem to be moving ahead quickly.,Well, I've been offline for a couple of days now. I had a trojan hit my laptop even with all the protection I have on the thing. I'm now using my PDA - forgot I could use this thing wirelessly & write messages.It's Friday - Katie is off to respite; I'm looking forward to working on sketching out in the yard. Other than that I have nothing else planned.Have a good day friends. Enjoy your weekend.
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :jumphappy: Happy Free Choice Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sharon, both my kids said the same as you - they are so glad it's Friday. I think this first week is the toughest!

    Marg, outdoor shopping in the rain - love it! difficult child and I reading a book about Pearl Harbor, speaking of WWII. It's really interesting. It's about a boy whose father was on the Arizona when the attack came. It's about his search for his father and his struggle with his Japaneese friends. Hope the weekend is productive!

    Linda, sorry to hear you are having computer issues. So am I. My computer has been down for a couple weeks. It is being fixed by HP even as we speak! Fortunately, easy child has a laptop and difficult child has a desktop!

    Busy day here - full grocery shop, nails, cleaning crew, workout, making sure the "storm box" is ready........ But, it's Friday and I'm not complaining about a thing!!!!

    Have a great day :peaceful:

  5. Andy

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    Whoo Hoo! It's Friday! It's Friday!
    Wiped Out - It will feel good to stay after and finish up for the week.

    Marg - You sound very busy - I hope you can reach all your goals this weekend.

    Timer Lady - computers down/unavailable is so hard - glad you got connected again. Enjoy the day.

    Little Dude's Mom - You also are busy - I hope you get it all done.

    I love the colors I found to use this morning. They seem perfect for fall. difficult child has a therapist appointment this afternoon. I will leave work a few minutes early to gather him at 12:30. I have so enjoyed working a little longer each day. Yesterday my cell phone crashed :(. I so need my cell phone! That got me thinking, would I rather have my van or the cell phone? I figured I would rather have the van because without it, I would be stuck at home and have the house phone to use.

    difficult child got up at 7:00, right after me. He is usually up 1st. It also got me thinking, "Why can't kids sleep a little longer when they are younger and start getting up earlier as they reach the teen years instead of vice a versa?" I think I am thinking too much lately.

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.