TGIF!!! Happy Friday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yes!!!! Not only is it Friday, but it's the last day of school before spring break! No homework, no carpooling, no having to force the children out of bed, no worrying about phone calls!!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited????!!!! :princess:

easy child got the approval for a parking pass at her high school yesterday. If you are not a junior, your parent has to write a letter explaing why you should be driving to school. Since we live a little distance that was one, plus she works 2 days after school and stays for art guild once a week. Princial said yes so she is up and raring to drive that car to school this morning!!! :surprise:

difficult child had a good field trip to the middle school yesterday. He told me all about how he will have to get up and hour earlier, but get out earlier. How they have even/odd days, and they have a virtual history club he wants to join after school! Ok...... :thumb:

For those of us who are practising Christians, it is a Holy Day, Good Friday. I will be attending a service at lunchtime today at our church.

It's cold here, but it's still spring! Wishing everyone a great Friday :smile:.



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Good morning!
Sharon- Too cool about easy child getting her parking permit. The high school I attended didn't have student parking. :frown:
It looks like I got into the doctor just in time. My ears have a bunch of fluid behind them, particularly my left. It was bothering me somewhat the last couple of days, but it is really starting to hurt now. I hope the antibiotic clears the sinus infection quickly so that the fluid will drain. Yuck!
Duckie is off starting today through next week. We'll take her to the Strong museum next week if her behavior improves, should be fun. Have a play date/babysitting gig later for a friend. Wish me luck!
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:
Good Morning :coffee: :flower:,

Sharon, It sounds like you're off to a great start! Enjoy your day! I'm glad easy child is doing well with her driving and will be able to get herself back and forth from school. difficult child sounds excited about entering middle school. The history club sounds like a good activity for him.

Today I have lots of errands to run with the kids. Hopefully, my difficult children will behave!!! I'm looking forward to a calm and peaceful evening... :bath: :smile: :flower:

Hi to anyone who snuck in... WFEN :flower:


Good TGIF morning!

Sharon, glad easy child got the parking permit and difficult child enjoyed his middle school visit. Enjoy your spring break.

TM, hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your spring break, too.

WFEN, hope the errands go smoothly.

We're at the end of our spring break. difficult child 1 goes back to school Monday, and the girls start school on Tuesday. We may head out to buy some new sneakers (save for difficult child 1, who hasn't had a shoe on his foot since he broke it). difficult child 2 also has a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon, and then we'll stop over at a friend's house for a cup of tea.

Have a great weekend. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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G'day, everyone.

Sharon, I can just imagine easy child's excitement. My easy child got her driver's licence almost as soon as she was old enough - 17, in Australia. So she had a couple of months' driving to school before she graduated. Very few kids here get to drive to school, you not only have to get your licence as soon as you're old enough but also have access to a car. So most schools don't need to have restrictions - besides, the kids could park outside school premises and it wouldn't be a school matter.
I'm glad difficult child enjoyed his middle school visit. It's good that he's excited about it.

TM, sorry to hear about the middle ear infection. I hope it clears up soon.

WFEN, I hope the kids cooperate today with all your errands.

Smallworld, sounds like you've got a busy day coming up. It always takes us ages to buy sneakers for difficult child 3 - we've given up on most shops now, we have one particular sports store where we always end up, so in future we'll just go there first, I think.

It's Good Friday here, too. We had church this morning - difficult child 3 came with us, we stayed for morning coffee and hot cross buns afterwards but hurried home to spend an hour or so with easy child & BF1 before they left for Newcastle. They're back on Sunday, staying overnight again before they go back home to Canberra.
I've been fighting a migraine all day, I think I've got it licked. I was well enough tonight to work on decorating the church candle - it takes up its place on the altar and is lit every week for the next year, so it's big. But I'm a novice with candles, I'd like to make it look good but I've not found anything I can use to paint on it, other than coloured wax. So instead, I melt a sheet of wax and cut it to shape (including the numbers of the year - I much preferred LAST millenium, "2" is really hard to shape right), moulding it on to the candle while it's soft enough. I also cheat - Edam cheese is covered in a lovely, soft, red wax that moulds on with the heat of my hand. So to make sure I have enough wax, we eat a lot of cheese! Fondue, anyone?
This year the candle looks very rustic. At least, that's the adjective I'm using in public.

Australia is primarily a Christian country (as far as our legal system, etc) but we're increasingly multicultural and secular. Although our TV today has included a lot of religious movies and documentaries, we've also had a lot of football and cricket (yet another couple of religions) and we've been reminded that it is also Passover, as well as Mohammad's birthday. So whichever you celebrate, I hope you manage to have a good one!



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We had spring break two weeks ago (when the weather was warm) and I know your happy dance well. My kids are off today and honestly I could do with about two more days with them in school to finish my Easter cleaning/preparations. My mom surprised me yesterday and drove from 4 hours to drop off a rocking chair cushion she'd made and to help me out and then left last night--isn't that cool?

Good Friday is always a nice day for us though--I've got dough for hot cross buns in the fridge that I'll bake up later. We'll dye eggs and then have chicken soup I made yesterday for supper. Hot cross buns are always so good I don't know why I don't make them more often.


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Never thought I'd say it, but this might actually be a Friday where I don't have to OD on Xanax worrying about the weekend.

Is it pathetic that I'm glad my difficult child has mono, and is stuck in the house all weekend? At least, I hope this might be bad enough to keep him home. After all, he did run away two days after his trip to the ER, but he was wonky on Prednisone then, too (or so he says).

Oh well, wife used it as an excuse to take a sick day and stay home with him. Maybe some "mom and son" time together today will help. They don't get much of that any more.

So Friday, here I come. Red Bull in hand, Xanax on the ready, but with hope in my heart!


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Good Morning,

Sharon-Great news for easy child and her parking space! I'm a bit jealous you are just starting your spring break as we go back on Tuesday already. I'm glad difficult child enjoyed his middle school tour!

TM-I really hope you are feeling better soon! It's no fun being sick especially with Duckie's spring break coming up.

WFEN-I hope your day goes well and you get to enjoy that calm, peaceful evening. :bath:

Smalworld-I hope your day goes well-sounds busy!

Marguerite-The candle making sounds very interesting. I'm glad you have gotten rid of your migraine-I hope it stays gone.

SRL-How nice of your mom! Sounds like you have a nice day planned.

Well the dog is dropped off for a grooming appointment. and difficult child is at Afterschool for the day. I'm going to take a quick snooze before picking up Ella, our dog. Then husband, easy child and I are going to lunch. I might even get to the health club-I've already been there 4 days this week :smile: Not much else planned-I should probably go to Good Friday service but I haven't gone in years because of the way they changed things when we received our new priest-new to us-and now it's been about 10 years-yikes!

Enjoy your day-may it be peaceful :flower: Hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning everyone.
Well difficult child's spring break started today so we didn't have to get up as early this morning but he woke up husband at 6:30, I was up at 7.
Still have some flurries going on outside so it's another cold one, no going out to play today.
Right now difficult child is watching cartoons, husband is doing dishes and I just thought I'd pop in for a minute.
I hope everyone has a peaceful day.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. TGIF is right.
easy child had about 12 teens(not sure how many) from the drama club over for a party and overnight. I don't think they slept all night. They sang show tunes and went out to play flashlight tag. I kept waiting for someone to call the police. It's a pretty quiet neighborhood. easy child was in his glory. husband and I are in our room waiting until breakfast is made and the mess cleaned up before we emerge. It's such a nice thing to experience. Normal,healthy teen fun. The kids are adorable and polite(at least to our faces).
They only have about 6 wks of classes left. :smile: They graduate the end of May.
We plan on spending the day with difficult child. He is really doing well so we are going with it. He wants to watch the 10 Commandments with husband(tradition) and just hang out.
I may have to head up to Pa tomorrow if husband's dad is released from rehab but I'm hoping to postpone it until Monday or Tuesday.

They are predicting unusually cold weather on Saturday in my corner of Texas. May even have snow flurries. :slap: Figures, I just bought the ferns and pots of flowers for the patio.

All your preparations and plans sound relaxing and fun. Have a peaceful, safe and calm holiday weekend.
To my friends of other faiths,have a peaceful holiday also. </span>