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Well it looks like all is sorted with difficult child. He will be moving into supported housing within the next couple of weeks, SW has established he cannot return home and basically we got what was needed :thumb:

Now he'll get the help he need and still be supported. Maybe one day we can have him home for a meal... baby steps tho.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for supporting me and not judging me through what was the worst months of my life. (I am sure worst is to come tho lol). Just knowing there was somewhere i could come to vent, or pour my heart out was comfort in itself. Its great to have people to 'talk' to who know what its like to be me! :flower:

I feel myself lifting each day and i am starting to discover who I am, Because no longer am i being abused my the one person who should love me unconditionally. :crying:

I just pray that one day we can 'fix' this relationship and be mother and son again.


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Lisa, I'm glad you are starting to feel better. It's amazing what a little improvement does for one's own moods.
The whole purpose of this site is to reach out to parents who are struggling. Once you start to feel better you turn it around and help the next parent struggling. You are surviving and getting stronger.

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I'm glad difficult child will be getting the support he needs and that you are starting to discover yourself again! Hugs!


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Good Job!!! I am glad to hear the news!!! I hope things keep looking up! Hang on to the good moments. You are a Warrior Mom! :bravo: :warrior: