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    favorite book (joining Explosive Child). I have heard you recommend the Dr. Riley book "What Your Explosive Child Is Trying To Tell You" and I think I'm in love!! It is written about difficult child 1, I swear!! It has now tied Explosive Child for MY 1st choice books for helping difficult child 1. I finally decided I had to at least check it out so I borrowed it from our library. I'm not even all the way through Chapter 1 and I have decided I am going to buy a few copies of it. I will hilight MY copy and then make sure I have difficult child 1's teachers (should he choose to go back to public school) read it.

    I think I'm in LOVE with both these books!!!!
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    It is pretty awesome, isn't it? So many times the explosion isn't "about" the cause - and it takes someone who can read the smoke signals to really figure out the cause. in my opinion that book is the smoke signal to English translation guide. We were past the point of explosions by the time it was written but it made me see the explosions in such a different light. I am glad it is helping you.

    Each time you give it to a teacher you are helping at least 10 other kids. Isn't that a cool thought? One of my dad's professor friends told me that, and it kind of sticks in my mind sometimes.
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    Not sure where I've been......hadn't heard about that book - definitely sounds like something worth checking out! Thanks.

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    Haven't heard of it either-but now I'll be getting it soon!
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    Doug Riley came here and posted about it when it was released. Not long ago, I think. If you search for Dr. Riley or Doug Riley as a username you will find things he posted here about it. One of the things I really like about him is that he DOES come here and talk WITH us. Not AT us or TO us, but with us.
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