6yr old no formal diagnosis


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Not sure if this is better here or general. My son is 6 and entering 1st grade. Another school year and no closet to an actual diagnosis than when he was 3. Each year he sees all these people and had an iep because of the special needs he has. HOWEVER, no matter how many doctors I take him to I can't get anyone to say what I already know. I believe him to be autistic (high functioning). I know he stuggles with anxiety, fear of death, pain, loss and the unknown. He is smart but behind.
I am not new to this as my 19 yr old daughter was ADD, ADHD, ODD WITH SPEECH AND LEARNING DELAYS, spent a large portion of her life on Concerta and a very strict diet (no artifical, no msg etc) now a grown woman she struggles with anxiety, depression and huge heart for those in need.
My little boy is not the same but some similarities. He is always in need of me and that can be hard on my other kids. His brother is in 3rd grade and will need help with homework etc. I don't look forward to the battles that will come this year to say the least.
My problem is that without the right diagnosis he doesn't get the extra allowances unless I am there to say the words. He is getting big too. This year will be a game changer and I know it. He is no longer a cute small little boy but rather a kid. One who will get picked on and not loved for his special needs that often made him scared at school (kindergarten was a class where all the kids helped him and kept him close, example if he hid under a desk, a child would join him with a book till he felt he could come out).

What do I do to actually get help. I have dealt with the schools and with outside behavioral health centers. All they want to do is have him see someone once a week. This takes up time and money and those people never communicate with the main dr. Main dr can't be seen for 6 months, wants to see them for 5 min and say bipolar (that makes me so mad what a waste). Not saying it can't be bipolar but you can't see that in 5 min of talking to the parent while the child plays on my cell phone.


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Welcome !

I wish I had some answers for you but I'm in close to the same boat.

Know your not alone, there's many of us here dealing with or have already been where we are.

You will probably get more replies in the general parenting section.


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I know districts are hesitant to diagnose at an early age but doctors.I don't know. i can sympathise with you and wish you the best . How about a youth advocate?


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Try a neuropsychologist. You won't get much from lower educated therapists or the school. Unfortunately usually you have to spend money for results unless you have good insurance.