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    difficult child 2 avoids me like the plague if he thinks I'm mad at him. So, I didn't expect to hear from him anytime soon.

    He called Sunday evening at around 6pm - said he can't stand it at home and could he come back.

    Me: No.
    difficult child 2: When can I come back?
    Me: You can't.
    difficult child 2: Why not?
    Me: difficult child 2, you took my medications.
    difficult child 2: I took 2 klonopin cause I was trying to get to sleep.
    (remember, he was coming down off of 2 doses of adderall...that doesn't help his case AT ALL)
    Me: difficult child 2, you took 5.
    difficult child 2: No, I only took 2 cause I was trying to go to sleep.
    Me: difficult child 2, I just picked those up the night before. I know how many I had. I was 5 short. You took 5. I told you last time that if it happens again, you're out. I'm not living where I have to lock everything up.
    difficult child 2: You don't have to lock anything up. I'm not going to get into your medications.

    I swear, he must think I'm an idiot.

    Me: You've already done it before and you did it again just hours after telling therapist how bad you felt about the last time.
    difficult child 2: I did feel bad, but I only took 2 klonopin cause I was trying to get to sleep.


    He refuses to admit he's lying, so he's sticking to the "I only took 2" story. I'm not sure how he thinks that helps his case because he shouldn't have taken ANY. And on Friday, it was only 1 that he took. This kid could never keep his story straight.

    And he never apologized or even hinted at an apology. Not that I would have accepted it. It's just empty words.'s the nerve, you know?

    Since my brain is dead, it was 2 hours later that I realized that I didn't even bring up the 3 pills that I found hidden among his things. I doubt his mom has mentioned that to him.

    by the way, he pretty much slept for 2 days straight. Cause he only took 2. Uh huh. I'm just wondering what else he took.

    You know what, though? I didn't let it upset me. I expected him to lie, so there was no disappointment there. I was a little surprised that he called, only because, like I said earlier, he won't talk to me if I'm mad at him. But, none of the rest of it surprised me. I got off the phone and went about my evening.

    Which included Christmas shopping where I spent too much money like I do every year and will spend the next couple of days hyperventilating over it. :D
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    Good for you for sticking to what you said (and for not letting it ruin you evening)!! I know the feeling about spending too much $ on Christmas and then hyperventilating over it!:)
  3. susiestar

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    Way To Go!!! It is great that you had realistic expectations for the phone call, whenever it was going to happen. Esp great that you didn't let it ruin your evening!

    It is going to be hard to continue to stick to your guns, but it is the loving thing to do.
  4. Shari

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    Good job for sticking to your guns. Hopefully the lesson sinks in.
  5. Big Bad Kitty

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    That had to be difficult for you. Good on you for sticking to it.
  6. DaisyFace

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    Sometimes I wonder if these kids lie as a distraction? As if he could get you to think that you were angry about the AMOUNT of pills he took instead of the fact THAT he took the pills.... (You can't be mad at me about five because I only took two....UUUgghh!!!)

    Good for you for not getting dragged in to that twisted argument!

    Stay strong!