The bug is at school - let's dish!

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kt's transition home is formally complete, in my humble opinion! While we cannot provide the level of structure she had while in Residential Treatment Center (RTC), husband & I are maintaining a level of consistency; pushing kt to be responsible for her choices & behaviors.

However, her hormonal swings are making me crazy! :smile: You'd think she was the only teenage girl who had a period. The only girl to suffer cramps. And my god - the drama. :bow:

I know this time of life is very fragile for easy child girls - adding GFGness into the mix intensifies the reality of being a woman.

husband is feeling stuck between female hormone extremes - me in menopause - kt as a budding teenage girl. He ducks a great deal of late. The wuss. :rofl:

Thanks for letting me vent - let's just say kt has had a very tough week. :faint:

I think I posted this in the wrong forum - oh moderators!!!! Can you move this if that is the case???? :slap:



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Dishing around the watercooler seems appropriate to me..... :smile:

All I can do is think that your husband should ruuuuuuuun for cooooooverrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor guy!

Enjoy the quiet. :flower:

Oh poor husband! LOL!!! While growing up, I had 2 sisters and we always seemed to being having Aunt Flo visit the same time each month. My dad started planning his fishing trips around OUR cycles! LOL!! Smart man!

Poor little kt bug! We are still awaiting a visit for Aly from the "period" fairy! I know she will arrive sooner than I would like, UGH!!



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Can she take ibuprofen for her cramps? I wish we had that around when I first got my period. I can remember laying on the floor between my bed and my dresser and just pushing off the dresser into my bed to releive some of the pressure. My aunt worked at the hospital and she gave me Aleve, which was prescription at the time, but I was probably around 17 then. I thought it was the miracle drug!!!

Enjoy the time she's at school. Take in the quiet. Go get a few rounds of golf in.

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You have my sypmathies because my easy child with her hormones raging is bad enough I can't imagine adding difficult child into the mix!

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We are using ibuprofen; we are using herbal teas. kt is a bit of a hypochondriac - part of her anxieties.

pediatrician doctor has started hormone therapy for kt after consulting with psychiatrist. Everyone hopes this will even her out. I don't remember being this crazy at the start of menses.

husband continues to duck. Poor man.

Thanks ladies - appreciate the ear.


Oh, my. When difficult child is in the midst of PMS, I try to just smile and nod. I'm afraid if I make direct eye contact, I'll be turned to stone. :smile: She doesn't recognize it as PMS either and I learned early on that it's best not to mention that. Self-preservation kicks in. :rofl:

Last week difficult child was in the midst of this. She made half a batch of slice and bake cookies. There were 9 cookies. She announced that we each get 3. easy child grabbed a cookie and difficult child asked him how many he had had. He said 4. I thought difficult child's head was going to fall right off. I just kinda ducked and tried to make myself invisible. After she yelled about how noone ever listens to her (which, hey! that's my line!!!) she stormed upstairs and slammed her door. easy child then told me that it was his first cookie. :hammer:

It's a wonder I have any sanity left. :faint: