The Bus to Kindergarten


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Well my big boy got on the bus and went off to Kindergarten today and I can’t stop crying because it didn’t go the way it should have. Yesterday when we went to the first day orientation, the bus driver talked to everyone and said there had been some changes to the bus route and that she would call everyone last night to let them know for sure what time to be at the stop. Well she never called and the original schedule said 12:25 pm. So all morning my difficult child kept saying he didn’t want to miss the bus and wanted to wait outside (for 3 hours! I don’t think so…)…. I kept promising him we were not going to miss the bus – but he waited in the front yard anyway. I had just had him come in to get his sweatshirt on and backpack. I was getting my keys and camera and about to grab the baby and I heard him yelling Mom Mom the bus! So I ran out the door as fast as I could as he was running to the corner. He got on the bus – I talked to the bus driver for a minute (it was only 12:10) and then they were off. I DIDN’T get to kiss and hug him goodbye! I DIDN’T get to tell him to be a good boy! I DIDN’T get to take a picture of the first day on the bus to Kindergarten!! I am soooo upset!!! I feel like my heart was just ripped out of my chest. I should be happy for the 3 hours of peace but I am so sad. : (


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That would have bummed ME out...

However, my boys, being boys, would have been thrilled that their Mom wasn't making an embarrassing fuss over them! :wink:

I can't wait to hear how his first day went so you'll have to give us a report. Might be a good idea not to let on how disappointed your were, etc.


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husband cried in the car the first day he took difficult children to daycare. I love hearing that story. Makes me remember why I adore him so much. Its okay to be sad that your baby is going to school!

I hope he had a great day!

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I'm sorry it didn't go the way you had hoped. I remember being very bummed that I didn't get to drop off either easy child or difficult child off for their first day of kindergarten. I had to be at my school to teach my students-husband was able to do the honors because he taught computers and could rearrange his schedule.

I hope he had a great first day! Hugs.


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Thanks guys! I had a really rough day, but my difficult child did great. When I picked him up from school, he was disappointed that he could not ride the bus home (Kindergarteners only take the bus one way). It's a good thing he takes the bus TO school otherwise I might not be able to get him to go. I am not so sure he likes the school part (having to listen, and follow directions), but he loves the bus. I emailed the teacher to just ask how his day was and to open up communication - she replied and told me he only had to be reminded once to not interrupt (he does that constantly at home). I decided not to share the parent report with her just yet - and I don't know if she has seen it from the s.d. yet. I guess I wanted to give him a couple days to see how it was going before I let her know all about him and his defiance. He usually does quite well at first -it's once he is comfortable that he lets his true colors show. I got to his school early to pick him up yesterday so I could observe him on the playground. Their schedule says recess and snack at 3:05, then dismissal at 3:25. They actually didn't get out to the playground on time and they were only allowed to play for 9 minutes! I heard the teacher reprimanding difficult child when they had to line up to go back in to keep his hands and feet to himself. I am sure he had a terrible time transitioning back to class after just 9 minutes on the playground and no warnings that they were going back in. I think that's crazy. Hope today goes well.